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China - China Bidding


Beijing Jiuhehulian Ltd
11th Floor, Guoxing Building
No 22 Shouti South Road
Haidian District


CIPS Approved

China BiddingBeijing Jiuhehulian Technology Co. Ltd was founded in 2008. It is the professional certification service institute in the public procurement sector in China under the supervision and direction of China Tendering and Bidding Association (CTBA) and Chinabidding.com. In coordination with the supervision and management by practitioners in the Chinese public procurement market and promoting the industry development, depending on qualified professional tutor and networking professional certification and training system (http://www.zbsonline.com; registration service system; continuing education system), the company provides enterprises and practitioners with the following services:

  • Training and continuing education of China Tenderer Professional Qualification Examination;
  • Registration service for certified tenderer who owns professional qualification certificate;
  • Advisory services for improving the procurement capacity of enterprises;
  • Personnel development program in the public procurement sector;


Up to now, it has provided professional certification training and enterprise internal training for 10,000 practitioners in over 3,000 large state-owned enterprises and has provided registration service of professional qualification and further education service for over 50,000 practitioners. The representative customers include China Mobile Communications Corporation, Shen Hua Group, China Minmetals Corporation,China Unicom, China National Petroleum Corporation, Chinese PLA General Armament Department,Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China,Ltd., China General Technology Group and so on.

The goal of company's services is to provide efficient services for clients with the spirit of honesty and specialization. The zbsonline.com ran by our company as an e-learning platform was awarded the honor of Chinese public's most favorite network education institute in 2012.


Modes of study
Part time day
Flexible learning
Distance Learning

CIPS Programmes offered
Diploma in Procurement and Supply
Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply
Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply


This centre is not approved to offer examinations at the present time. Contact the centre for details of examination arrangements for students



Rose Gao

11th Floor
Guoxing Building
no22 Shouti South Road
Haidian District

Tel: 86 010 58440652
E-mail: gaodd@chinabidding.com.cn
Website: www.chinabidding.org


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