Study Resources - Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply

View exam criteria and find resources to support your studies.

CIPS understands that how you want to study can depend on many things, such as your previous procurement experience, the time available to study and your own learning style.

Access the full range of CIPS study resources for this qualification including past papers, sample papers, course books, elearning and sample exam papers.

This qualifications is aimed at senior procurement professionals and heads of department. On successful completion you can apply for MCIPS.


This qualification is currently being reviewed and an updated syllabus will be available by the end of January 2019. Your first opportunity to take an exam on the updated syllabus will be in July 2019.

The last opportunity to take an exam on this syllabus will be in May 2019, there will be no resit opportunities. 

It is important that you don't delay your studies as everything that you complete will count towards the updated syllabus.

To make sure you stay fully up to date check our qualifications review page

    Exam criteria

    Learning outcomes, exam criteria and indicative content

    Download the syllabus to view to learning outcomes, exam criteria and indicative content:

    Course books and related resources

    The last exam opportunity for the current Advanced Diploma is in May 2019.
    Current course books and eLearning will not be suitable for studying the updated qualifications. New resources for studying the updated qualification will be available from February 2019.

    Course Books


    Recommended Reading

    PD1 - Leadership in Procurement and Supply

    PD2 - Corporate and Business Strategy

    PD3 - Strategic Supply Chain Management

    PD4 - Supply Chain Diligence

    PD5 - Programme and Project Management

    PD6 - Legal Aspects in Procurement and Supply (UK)

    Past papers

    Prepare for your exam with past question papers and the principal marker's reports.

    Sample papers

    Check out the format and style of questions that you will encounter in exams:

    PD1 - Leadership in procurement and supply
    Unseen case study
    Sample questions
    Answer content

    PD2 - Corporate and business strategy
    Exam questions
    Sample questions
    Answer content

    PD3 - Strategic supply chain management
    Pre-released case study
    Sample questions
    Answer content

    PD4 - Supply chain diligence
    Exam questions
    Sample questions
    Answer content

    PD5 - Programme and project management
    Exam questions
    Sample questions
    Answer content

    PD6 - Legal aspects in procurement and supply (UK)
    Exam questions
    Sample questions
    Answer content

    Other resources

    • Guide to Diploma Exams
      Helping you understand what assessors look for when marking Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma exam papers.
    • Marked Exam Questions with Feedback
      Improve your approach to answering exam questions.
      Improve your approach to answering exam questions.
    • Other Study and Exam Guidance
      Take a look at our other hints and tips to help you revise for and take exams.
    • In the News
      Illustrate your exam answers with relevant examples from these highlighted international news stories.
    • CIPS Knowledge
      Access a wealth of expertise, experience, knowledge and resources, including guidelines, white papers, tools and templates.

    Help with your studies

    Having some issues studying a module?

    You may want to consider getting further support with a CIPS approved study centre and access structured, tutor-led learning to be certain that you have thoroughly covered the whole syllabus ahead of your exam.

    What next? Apply for your MCIPS

    Completed CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply?

    On successful completion of the Diploma, Advanced and Professional diplomas along with three years' experience in a position of responsibility in procurement and supply you can apply to upgrade to MCIPS.

    As MCIPS you will have achieved an internationally recognised award which represents the global standard within the profession for a procurement and supply professional.

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