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Our new learning resources have been created to give you every chance of success in your exams. We understand that everyone learns in different ways so we've completely redesigned our resources to support your study. 

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CIPS Level 6 Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply

    Study Resources

    Confidently prepare for exam success

    Introducing our brand new Study Guides, eBooks and eLearning, each aligned to our syllabus learning outcomes in a fresh, easy to read format:

    Study Guide - Text Book

    Your text book study guide forms the foundations of each modules learning outcomes.

    Study Guide - eBook

    The online equivalent of your text book which you can access on your phone, tablet or desktop PC.


    Rich, interactive multimedia content that enhances your learning and tests your knowledge.


    Recommended Reading:

    Other Suggested Reading:

    • L6M3 - Purchasing and Supply Chain Management - Monckza, Handfield, Giunipero, Patterson
    • L6M7 - Big Data, Analytics and Metrics to Make Better Decisions and Improve Performance
    • L6M8 - Cradle to Cradle. Remaking the Way We Make Things - Braungart,McDonough
    • L6M9 - Supply Chain Management - Chopra & Meindl
    • L6M10 -  Manufacturing Planning and Control for Supply Chain Management - Jacobs, F. R., Berry, W. L., Whybark, D. C. and Vollmann, T. E.
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    Sample Questions

    Check out the format and style of questions that you will encounter in exams:

    These give you an example of the level and types of questions.

    Sample exam questions - Objective Response

    Sample exam questions - Constructed Response

    You will also find questions in the Study Guides, eBooks and eLearning for you to work through and self-assess as you prepare for your exam.

    CIPS Knowledge

    Access CIPS Knowledge a free member only resource designed to support you as you study for each exam.

    Select a module to see related white papers and resources for each learning outcome:

    L6M1 | L6M2 | L6M3 | L6M4 | L6M5 | L6M7 | L6M8 | L6M9 | L6M10

    Strategic Ethical Leadership (L6M1)

    1.0  Understand and apply leadership skills and behaviours that are appropriate for strategically improving the procurement and supply chain function

    2.0  Understand and apply communication planning techniques and analyse their influence on individuals involved in the supply chain

    3.0  Understand and apply methods to overcome leadership challenges faced by procurement and supply chain managers

    4.0  Understand and apply tools and techniques to lead strategic change in the supply chain

    5.0  Understand and apply ethical practices, standards and regulations that impact on the procurement and supply function

    Global Commercial Strategy (L6M2)

    1.0  Understand and apply the concept of commercial global strategy in organisations

    2.0  Understand and apply tools and techniques to address the challenges of global supply chains

    3.0  Understand strategy formulation and implementation

    4.0  Understand the implementation of strategies in supply chains

    5.0  Understand financial aspects that affect procurement and supply
    Global Strategic Supply Chain Management (L6M3)

    1.0  Understand how strategic supply chain management can support corporate business strategy

    2.0  Understand and apply supply chain design tools and techniques

    3.0  Understand and apply techniques to achieve effective strategic supply chain management

    4.0  Understand and apply methods to measure, improve and optimise supply chain performance

    5.0  Understand how an organisation achieves strategic fit between supply chain and competitive strategies

    Future Strategic Challenges for the Profession (L6M4)

    1.0  Understand the changing needs and requirements for procurement and supply

    2.0  Understand the future challenges for the procurement and supply profession

    Strategic Programme Leadership (L6M5)

    1.0  Understand contracting for programmes

    2.0  Understand programme leadership approaches

    3.0  Understand the role of culture on achieving programme success

    Commercial Data Management (L6M7)

    1.0  Understand the concept of big data in the global supply chain

    2.0  Understand data integrity and its impact on procurement and supply

    3.0  Understand the impact of cyber security on procurement and supply

    Innovation in Procurement and Supply (L6M8)

    1.0  Understand techniques for supplier development

    2.0  Understand methods to achieve procurement and supply improvement and innovation

    3.0 Understand the environmental factors which affect supply chain improvement and innovation

    Supply Network Design (L6M9)

    1.0  Understand the strategic nature and influence of supply network design

    2.0  Understand operations strategy and its contribution to overall business success

    3.0  Assess the strategic value of resource planning and control

    Global Logistics Strategy (L6M10)

    1.0  Understand the strategic logistical implications of globalisation

    2.0  Understand global governance of the supply chain

    3.0  Understand the concept of reverse logistics and its impact on global logistics strategy

    Exam Guides

    Watch this short video to see how to use the computer-based exams platform for CIPS Constructed Response (CR) exams. It also includes guidance on the different types of command words found in the questions and how you should tailor your answers to what the examiner is looking for.



    Our guides will help you to prepare for any of the exam formats that you’re likely to encounter.

    Improve your exam techniques

    Learn how to improve your exam techniques for Constructed Response (CR) exams.  The way that you structure your answer can mean the difference between pass or fail.  Take at look through the following guides to improve your exam technique.

    Download your computer-based exams CR exams techniques guide 


    Our paper-based CR exams (PBEs) are only available in specific countries. To find out if we hold PBEs in your country go to our online exam finder. 

    Download your paper-based constructed response exams techniques guide.




    Study Advice

    Other study and exam guidance

    • In the News - illustrate your exam answers with relevant examples from these highlighted international news stories.
    • Top Tips - make sure you understand how to optimise your study time.
    • Networking - get in touch with your local branch and social media networks to get peer support. 

    Help With Your Studies

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    What Next?

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    Next steps

    On successful completion you will be eligible to apply to be upgraded to MCIPS, or with an up to date CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply certificate you will be eligible to upgrade to MCIPS Chartered Procurement and Supply Professionalyou must be a current member. 

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