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Supplier Relationship Management - Two days

Thursday, 6 December 2018 - MELBOURNE


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Supplier Relationship Management - Two days
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A two-day workshop exploring how to deal with suppliers in all areas of spend, focusing around relationships themselves, their complexities, and how to repair or manage a dysfunctional relationship.

Upon completion of this course, delegates will be equipped with:

  • Feedback mechanisms that help with engaging suppliers and concluding what forms of measurement should be used to assess and augment the relationship.
  • Templates to target the drivers of relationships with action plans, allowing for changing priorities based on context.
  • Confidence to compile and manage a diverse portfolio of supplier relationships, and categorise each relationship appropriately. Within the relationship, the delegate will also be able to assign roles more clearly, and establish how the relationship will be put into practice to best serve both parties where appropriate.
  • Delineate clearly between measurement of supplier performance and the development of a supplier’s relationship, in order to best classify where the organisation is at and how best to push towards a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • The skills to cooperate with suppliers to develop mechanisms around governance and keep the process secure, and stave off the possibility of a relationship failing or devolving into dysfunction and mistrust.


    This workshop is geared specifically towards senior managers who manage a suite of suppliers and wish to enhance those existing relationships, as well as those looking to determine policy and establish plans around those relationships that are yet to be established. For a more rudimentary view on assessing the performance of suppliers, the Supplier Performance Management course is recommended. If the contract is the more chief concern rather than the relationship itself, we recommend either our Introduction to Contract Management course, or Contract Management Masterclass.


    Please note: All sessions include complimentary morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea



    Thursday 6 Dec - MELBOURNE

    Cliftons (Melbourne)
    Level 1
    440 Collins Street
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    Supplier Relationship Management - Two days
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    06 and 07 December 2018

    Level 1, MELBOURNE

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