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Financial management for the supply chain

Monday, 7 December 2020 - REMOTE


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Financial management for the supply chain
Booking ends: 29 Nov 2020

Making appropriate choices in markets and making financial decisions that affect the supply chain.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Articulate the different roles of financial accounting, management accounting and financial management in terms of the business
  • Understand, critically analyse, and interpret financial statements and budgets
  • Understand the significant role of budgeting
  • Develop and critically evaluate organisational plans that align incentives and reward to organisational performance and success
  • Apply and critically appraise fundamental techniques of costing and costing systems
  • Apply and critically evaluate the uses and drawbacks of alternative investment appraisal techniques in dealing with resource constraints, within the context of a dynamic marketplace
  • Contribute to investment appraisal decisions undertaken by the organisation that support supply chain investment
  • Lead continuous monitoring of the impact of financing structures on the organisation, key suppliers or customers, and take actions to reduce and mitigate associated risks
  • Advise and guide on the use of appropriate instruments to manage the volatility of commodities and currencies in supply chains


This is a two-day training course.


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    This course provides candidates with an understanding of the role of accounting and finance in management and business. It introduces the frameworks for financial accounting, managerial accounting and corporate finance, and provides an understanding of the information provided by accounting and finance to support decision making by procurement and supply managers and organisation leaders.


    What key points will the training cover?


    • Sources of financing and ‘cost of capital’
    • Decision-making using accounting practices
    • Prepayments and accruals
    • Liquidity and profitability
    • Balance sheets, profit and loss and cash flow
    • Budgeting methods
    • Spot, forward and derivative instruments


    Please note: all courses come with complimentary morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.



    Monday 7 Dec - REMOTE

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    Financial management for the supply chain
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    07 and 08 December 2020

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