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Risk & Resilience in the Supply Chain

Wednesday, 23 September 2020 - DUBAI


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The procurement and supply chain function proactively manages a range of risks that stem from the supply chain such as market volatility, cultural and social differences, impact of globalisation, sustainability, fraud and corruption, currencies and commodities, contracts and relationships with suppliers. 

Current thinking in this area focuses less on avoiding risk and more on managing it to an organisation's benefit; therefore this module focuses on how leaders in procurement and supply can assess and mitigate the main performance risks that stem from the supply chain and that impact on the organisation or its customers. It also provides an understanding of the need to develop and implement appropriate risk appraisal and management strategies. 


    This two-day module aims to prepare participants to identify the sources of risk affecting the supply chain and develop risk management strategies to optimize the organisation's supply chain. The module is designed to develop participants' understanding of strategic supply chain risk appraisal and the skills needed to appropriately manage risk.

    What key points will the training cover?


    • Lead on the development of strategic approachesto mitigate the impact of the supply chain on the reputation of the organisation and contribute to the use of risk pathways by the organisation.
    • Lead on the development of plans to mitigate the impact of market volatility on the organisation and that are aligned with the organisation's risk approach, including consideration of enterprise risk approaches.
    • Monitor and advise on developments in competition law, ethical sourcing and global sourcing. Take actions to eliminate corruption, fraud and counterfeiting affecting the organisation's supply chains including putting in place controls and measures for the purpose of review and monitoring of progress and success.
    • Critically evaluate the impact of undertaking major programmes and projects on the organisation's supply chain and enable the formation of appropriate contracts and relationships with suppliers.
    • Put in place strategies to mitigate the costs and risks associated with contract performance in projects and programmes.


    Wednesday 23 Sep - DUBAI

    The H Hotel Dubai
    Sheikh Zayed Road
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    Risk & Resilience in the Supply Chain
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    23 and 24 September 2020

    Sheikh Zayed Road, DUBAI

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