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Covid-19 Procurement Toolkit

Wednesday, 1 July 2020 - REMOTE

Covid-19 Procurement Toolkit
Booking ends: 23 Jun 2020

The global pandemic has undoubtedly revealed supply chain vulnerabilities, variable contracting practices, and the importance of strong close working relationships with key suppliers. Organisations are also looking to offset potentially dramatic reductions in budgets and sales revenue through rapid identification and realisation of financial opportunities. Therefore, having practical, proven and immediately useable tools and techniques to help deal with such procurement challenges can only be a benefit to organisations.


CIPS has created a Procurement Toolkit, deliverable via a virtual learning platform that is targeted at helping to up-skill those within organisations who are tasked with addressing those types of challenges described above. Over three (3) workshops, adaptable process tools and templates, accompanying short-form user guides, and delegate examples will be used by CIPS experienced tutors to facilitate discussions, and ensure delegates leave better equipped and more confident.


CIPS recognises that one of the key’s to developing sustainable improvements in people capability is establishing the right balance between education, practical application of taught skills and, timely feedback on progress made and opportunities for further improvement. Both the format for these workshops, and the accompanying materials for use back in the organisation have been collectively developed with that proven model in mind.


    These workshops are targeted at those within organisations who are either:

    • Directly responsible for the identification, negotiation and/or realisation of spend related benefits or;
    • Those within organisations who are responsible for capability development within the area of procurement and/or would be required to facilitate others through the identification, negotiation and/or realisation of spend related benefits.


    Workshop 1 -  Spend Opportunity Analysis

    This course will provide guidance to delegates on how to quickly mobilise and facilitate stakeholders through an exercise that reviews, evaluates and prioritises spend related opportunities capable of delivering a positive return (financial or otherwise) within a 3-6 month period.

    Delegates will be taken through the necessary information, key steps, criteria, and decision making practices required to help perform such an exercise quickly and effectively, and generate the required stakeholder backing and positive support to ensure it is set up for success.

    A ready to use Opportunity Analysis framework, with an accompanying short-form user guide and examples to help guide correct application post-workshop will be used throughout to direct activities and facilitate group discussions.


    Workshop 2 - Negotiating Better Outcomes

    Negotiating security of supply vs reductions in price vs collaborative arrangements to address joint speed to market challenges or supply chain risks are all scenarios that organisations will undoubtedly face in the coming hours, days, weeks and months. Such contrasting outcomes and expectations will require individuals to play (or park) vastly differently negotiating skills, influencing levers and behavioural traits if they are to be successful and leave minimal value ‘on the table’. 

    This workshop will ensure that participants are provided with a clear, practical understanding of the fundamental building blocks required to plan for and then deliver any type of negotiation. Participants will then be guided on the different types of negotiation approaches that should be employed depending on the specific outcomes being pursued, the respective levels of buyer and supplier power predicted and, the negotiators natural negotiating skills and personality.

    A ready to use Negotiation Planning and Execution Template with an accompanying short-form user guide and examples to help guide correct application post-workshop will be used throughout to direct activities and facilitate group discussions.


    Workshop 3 - Realising Value through effective Contract and Supplier Management

    Research indicates that buying organisations only proceed to realise approximately 46% of predicted value from their supply contracts.

    This workshop will proceed to upskill participants in those fundamental contract (and supplier management) practices and disciplines which will seek to help protect the value identified and then secured via the Opportunity Analysis and Negotiation efforts discussed in workshops 1 and 2. The focus is on helping organisations reduce contract value leakage to a minimum and covers subjects such as Contract Transition Planning, Effective Contract Governance, Contract Interpretation and Alignment and, Supplier Performance Management.

    A ready to use Contract and Supplier Management user guide with an accompanying checklist to help guide correct application post-workshop will be used throughout to direct activities and facilitate group discussions.


    Wednesday 1 Jul - REMOTE

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    Covid-19 Procurement Toolkit
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