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Negotiating Better Outcomes

Tuesday, 11 August 2020 - REMOTE


Negotiating Better Outcomes
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VIRTUAL TRAINING: Due to Covid-19, this course will be offered in blocks of 3hrs from 11am to 2pm over 2-days.  

The essential skills and techniques needed for negotiation


Negotiating security of supply vs reductions in price vs collaborative arrangements to address joint speed to market challenges or supply chain risks are all scenarios that organisations will undoubtedly face in the coming hours, days, weeks and months. Such contrasting outcomes and expectations will require individuals to play (or park) vastly differently negotiating skills, influencing levers and behavioural traits if they are to be successful and leave minimal value ‘on the table’.


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    This workshop will ensure that participants are provided with a clear, practical understanding of the fundamental building blocks required to plan for and then deliver any type of negotiation. Participants will then be guided on the different types of negotiation approaches that should be employed depending on the specific outcomes being pursued, the respective levels of buyer and supplier power predicted and, the negotiators natural negotiating skills and personality.


    What key points will the training cover?

    • Analyse the different stages and elements which make up both the planning and delivery 
    • Learn how to develop both your own organisation’s Most Desirable and Least Desirable Outcomes aswell as understand those of your suppliers
    • Assess the respective levels of negotiation power and influence that both you and your suppliers have and, how to try change them where they are unfavourable
    • Understand what your natural negotiation style and behaviours are and how to change them where they are not appropriate for the negotiation you are entering
    • Appreciate the different types of levers and negotiation tactics that can be applied to try and help you achieve your Most Desirable Outcomes 
    • How to approach setting up negotiation discussions including roles and responsibilities, opening comments, sequencing of discussions and, conditioning techniques


    Tuesday 11 Aug - REMOTE

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    Negotiating Better Outcomes
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    11 and 12 August 2020

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