CIPS Legal Help

Law Express is the UK’s leading legal advice and online information specialist. Your member benefit provides quality legal advice delivered by their in-house advisers who all have a minimum of five years’ experience as a solicitor or barrister.

Not a CIPS member and want to access legal support?

Law Express


    UK members can telephone the helpline 0844 209 07 52 (lo-call rates) 08.00 – 20.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 – 12 noon on Saturdays and Sundays (excludes bank holidays).

    They will advise on all areas of business law

    • Company law - Directors’ rules & responsibilities, shareholders issues, AGMs & EGMs
    • Commercial law - contract disputes, intellectual property, commercial debts, supplier issues
    • Employment law - obligations of the employer and procedures involved with making redundancies and dismissals, dealing with grievances and disciplinary issues, absence, maternity and terms & conditions
    • European law - how the EU regulations effect businesses and employers in the UK dealing with Europe
    • Tax information – Corporation tax, VAT

    The areas of personal law include:

    • Family law - divorce, separation, children, domestic violence and mediation
    • Consumer law - purchase and hiring of goods and services, credit, and problems related to  holidays
    • Bereavement law – advice on making wills and what to do when someone dies
    • Motoring law – contesting fines and penalties, your legal obligations as a vehicle owner, buying  and selling cars, parking tickets, speeding, and other offences and penalties
    • Property law - buying, selling and renting property, rights and obligations as a neighbour/tenant
    • Employment law - basic statutory rights as an employee, the disciplinary procedure, redundancy and dismissal, illness, misconduct, and health and safety
    • Tax information, inheritance tax guidance, issues relating to self-employment, VAT and National Insurance

    Online Information

     All CIPS members can get access to online factsheets. Here you will find legal information covering personal and business legal issues including, family, property, wills and probate, motoring and employment.

    Extra EU service

    We have also arranged for members to receive impartial advice on employment, company and commercial law from carefully selected qualified solicitors based in the EU countries listed* at an exclusive rate of £45 per call. This additional service is provided via Law Express and is open to all UK based CIPS members and can be paid for by either credit or debit card.

    CIPS members can contact the legal helpline to speak in confidence with qualified solicitors and obtain prompt and independent advice which helps them make a better decision on wide range of EU issues:

    • Directors' responsibilities & liabilities
    • Board & shareholder disputes 
    • Company secretarial practice 
    • Shareholders' rights 
    • Employment contracts plus redundancy & dismissal 
    • Debt collection and Insolvency 
    • Trade marks & patents

    Telephone 0844 209 07 52 and quote your membership number

    • Opening hours: 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri excluding public holidays
    • Phone calls back from EU solicitors within 24 hours 
    • Calls last up to 20 minutes after which time additional cost may be incurred
    • Advice is given in English
    • Documents can be considered but will be the subject of separate negotiation.

    *EU Member States
    Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands , Denmark, Ireland, UK, Greece , Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden , Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria

    Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey are official candidates to join the EU.

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