Chartered Status

Invest in yourself and show the profession you are at the top of your game

Chartered status enables current MCIPS and FCIPS members to evidence commitment to their professional career and ethical procurement and supply practice.  This is achieved through undertaking and recording CPD to maintain relevance and demonstrate current knowledge in a fast moving profession where legislation and new initiatives are a regular occurrence.  

What is Chartered Status?

    Why is it important?

    Take a look at the value top professionals place on Chartered Status:

    ‘I have always made the effort to keep myself accredited to the highest standard to promote my competence within the profession. To me, working for myself in my own company based around procurement consultancy and training, it gives me an edge against the competition whilst giving me the confidence to know I am at the top of my professional game with the global leaders in procurement and supply.’ 

    Katie Jarvis-Grove, FCIPS Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional, Managing Director of Aspire Procurement Solutions Ltd

    “As organisations continue to adapt to the ever changing landscape, so too must procurement professionals to ensure the most sought after skills are up to date to meet the challenges to come.”

    Scott Dance, Director, Hays Procurement and Supply Chain

    “As individuals, we need to own our learning and development.  We should be proactively equipping ourselves with the skills we need to meet the emerging challenges ahead with a key focus on commercial, leadership and what some refer to as ‘softer’ skills.  We need to be self-aware and make time for continuous professional development, ensuring we invest in keeping our skills current and relevant.”

    Nikki Bell FCIPS, Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional, Deputy Director (acting) and Head of Profession, Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorate, The Scottish Government

    How does it compare?

    See where Chartered Status sits in your CIPS journey:

    Is it mandatory?

    No, it isn’t but why wouldn’t you?

    There is no charge for doing so and in one step you will be signalling to your peer group and your employer that you are serious about committing to continually developing your knowledge, skills  and building on your experience.

    Will there be additional costs?

    There will be no additional costs as a Chartered professional to your annual MCIPS/FCIPS membership fee.

    The requirements for maintaining Chartered status will be subject to annual validation at the time of membership renewal. Membership will need to be kept current to retain Chartered professional  recognition on the CIPS Professional Register

    Am I eligible to upgrade to a Chartered professional?

    If you can answer yes to the questions below then you are all set to apply:

    If you are self-declaring your 30 hours CPD evidence it Is important to familiarise yourself with the CPD Audit Policy

    For studying members grades, on successful completion of your programme and subject to meeting all of the requirements above anyone currently progressing any of the routes to MCIPS will be eligible for an upgrade to Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional status.

    If you have any queries regarding Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional Status please contact us via and a member of our team will be able to assist.

    Upgrade to Chartered

    How do I upgrade?

    Your step by step guide to upgrading to Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional status 

    If you have any queries regarding your upgrading process please contact us via and a member of our team will be able to assist.

    Important note:  On successful completion of your CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply Test you will need to wait 24 hours before you can upgrade.

    Upgrade to Chartered

    Evidence of your status

    CIPS Professional Register

    As a Chartered professional you will be listed on the online CIPS Professional Register recognising your commitment to your professional career and ethical procurement and supply practice.

    Please note that to maintain your Chartered Professional Status you must ensure you renew your Ethics certificate and maintain 30 hours of CPD on an annual basis.

    Signature/Business Cards

    Once you have achieved your new designation it should be written as per the example given here;

    Josephine Bloggs FCIPS or MCIPS

    Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional

    Your Job Title ……

    Upgrade to Chartered

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