Raising awareness of the importance of responsible and ethical procurement

CIPS CEO Malcolm Harrison says “When I talk about the ethics agenda, I mean it in the broadest sense to include modern slavery and sustainability, but more than anything transparency in everything we do – ethics+ if you like. Ethics needs to be incorporated into all day-to-day business decisions, almost without thinking. It has become second nature to consider the implications of holding personal data or blocking fire doors, so how do you ensure that ethics has the same impact?”

CIPS UK Conference 2019

Responsible Procurement – a hot topic at this year’s CIPS UK Conference 31 October- 1 November, London …

This session will examine how setting a procurement strategy in line with consumer, investor and talent expectations makes good business sense.

  • How responsible procurement is becoming a strategic, competitive advantage for attracting and retaining investors, customers and talent
  • What are the knock on considerations for sustainability and social responsibility in the supply chain?
  • How agile supply chain management ensures a quick response to consumer changes
  • How is consumer conscience, such as the war on plastic, influencing strategy?
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as a benchmark for investment decisions and how this influences procurement

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An overview to Ethical Procurement

10 primary principles of sustainable procurement

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