Evidence Your Procurement Responsibility and Ethical Behaviour

“For any organisation behaving ethically is about reputation, it makes good business sense. Suppliers will want to work with you, and you will attract the right talent to work for you.”

Malcolm Harrison FCIPS, CIPS Group CEO



Chartered Status

Chartered Status is the mark of professional competency, and endorses the holder by recognising that they have gained an exceptional level of skill and ability by the award of formal credentials and designatory letters – and inclusion on the CIPS Professional Register - evidencing the achievement of Chartered Status for peers and employers.  Find out more


Ethical Procurement and Supply  eLearning Programme and Test

As part of CIPS’ commitment to supporting ethical standards, the Ethical Procurement and Supply eLearning Programme and Test have been refreshed and adapted in 2020.  Developed for all levels of procurement professionals the programme and test enable individuals and organisations to hone their skills and knowledge, and ultimately to demonstrate their commitment to ethical procurement and sustainable supply chains.  This forms a key part of upgrading to Chartered Status.

Take the CIPS Ethical Procurement eLearning and test  Free to CIPS members and part of your upgrade to Chartered status.  

Follow the simple process to upgrade to Chartered MCIPS - all you need to do is confirm the following:

  1. You are a current fully qualified CIPS member with MCIPS
  2.  You have undertaken 30 hrs of CPD / learning in the previous 12 months
  3. You have completed the short CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply elearning and test   

Brand Risk vs the Benefits of Being Ethical

Many believe that consumer pressure is the most effective way to make brands’ supply chains more sustainable.  It is just not ethically, or commercially viable to behave otherwise. Bad press is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the damage that can be caused to your brand by unethical behaviour.  However, through promoting and practicing responsible procurement the benefits can be seen in many areas. 

The 2021 CIPS Hays Procurement Salary Guide and Insights (UK) - 51% said that working for an ethical company was one of the most important factors when looking for a new job; and over 55% stated company reputation as being very important.

Top 5 Benefits of Ethical Behaviour:

  • Attract customers and increase brand loyalty


  • Entice top talent and be an employer of choice


  • Be a customer of choice with the right suppliers


  • Impact your local community and environment
  • Impact strategy and legislation
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