Management Entry Route to MCIPS

The Professionals Pathway to Success

"I have worked in the Procurement industry for my entire career and identified the need to be formally accredited with the largest organisation in the world dedicated to procurement. The MER was a rigorous process well designed to test my experience and knowledge.

The MER has provided me with international accreditation with a Professional Licence, signifying high achievement and ongoing commitment to procurement excellence.

I’d thoroughly recommend the exercise to identify strengths and to officially demonstrate commitment to the industry.

-Vanessa White MCIPS, MBA(Log&SCMgt) - Director Commercial Delivery - DCS


Gain Global Visibility

Starting quote

Choosing to get MCIPS through the MER route has been beneficial for me professionally, it has also increased my engagement with the CIPS membership community as a whole and remains a great source for professional advancement for me. I would highly recommend this route for Procurement and Supply Chain professionals who are on the higher management or executive level."

-Fatima Balfaqeeh Managing Director RKAH Consultancy UAE

Through CIPS experiential (MER) route, I was able to attain a world-class qualification that reflected my skillset. I was afforded the opportunity to study with CIPS through my company, which significantly advanced my career and changed the trajectory of my career path."

-Melissa Mac Bean Project Manager Shamel Group Limited UAE


Accelerate Your Opportunities

"I believed I already possessed the necessary experience in the Supply chain field. The MER was the fastest way to achieve MCIPS since my work consumed a lot of my time. The high point was when I had the final interview. It was great answering questions and showcasing my experience in supply chain.

MER has confirmed the level of experience in my profession. It has also given me more opportunities on the job front.


Evelyn Ashia Sam, FCIPS - Ghana


Showcase Your Expertise

"My route to MER was approved based on my existing qualifications, work experience and procurement expertise. I chose MER, not only because I was of the view that I was suitable for this path to obtaining the qualification, but also because I was not inclined to have to do another long period of study – and I felt that I was capable of achieving MCIPS via this route! ..... I feel likeI am now viewed as a “procurement expert”– even though I was before, I now have the specific qualification after my name. It is obviously a quicker process, but it is intense, and was hard going. I am really proud of myself that I achieved MCIPS via this method, because I don’t think everybody does it this way, so it’s special


Vanessa White MCIPS, MBA(Log&SCMgt) - Director Commercial Delivery - DCS

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No study or exams just a professional pathway to MCIPS by evidencing your experience

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Let your experience and knowledge shine, enjoying recognition and greater confidence


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Recruiters and employers will request MCIPS qualified individuals as a preference

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Stand out for your professional knowledge, and commitment to lifelong learning and ethics

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