Application Submission Guidance

Management Entry Route application document guidance:

    Your CV

    CIPS Global StandardYour CV should demonstrate to CIPS your extensive procurement and supply chain experience, achievements and capability, focussing on the last 10 years of your career. It is typically required that you have at least 5 years’ experience at a senior and strategic level and your CV should be evidence of this. You need to be able to show progression through your career, leadership skills and have numerous examples of all of the competencies at the Professional Level within the 11 themes of the CIPS Global Standard for Procurement and Supply. The interactive online tool can be used to review all of the competency capabilities and knowledge. You should evidence what you can do in practice, to show you are operating consistently at the Professional Level required for the award of the MCIPS grade of membership.

    There is no page limit for your CV as this isn't a job application. We ask that you include relevant and what you may perceive to be ‘non relevant’ information too. It's important that you help us to understand you professionally, and how you have progressed.

    Your job description

    Your job description should be the formal document from your employer, identifying the full role and its responsibilities. If you do not have a current role, or are self-employed or a consultant, you need to provide the following:

    • Sufficient information and documents to show the full scale and scope of your normal responsibilities
    • Descriptions of the type of organisation you work for
    • Scale and market operation of the organisation you work for

    Your testimonial letter

    Your letter should be:

    • Formally addressed to CIPS on headed business documentation or paper. 
    • Sent from your line manager, or whoever is responsible for your role or delivery of the business activities you undertake. (They are endorsing your application and providing testimony that you have the required level of experience to apply to CIPS for the MER route.)

    Your organisation chart

    Your organisation chart should provide evidence of your exact position in the organisation. Where and who you report to is equally as important as your direct reports. Please ensure this evidence is clear.

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