Application Submission Guidance

Management Entry Route application document guidance:

    Your Experience

    The experience section of the application should demonstrate:

    • At least 5 years’ experience at a senior and strategic level.
    • Extensive procurement and supply chain experience, achievements and capability, focussing on the last 10 years of your career.
    • Examples of all of the competencies at the Professional Level within the 11 themes of the CIPS Global Standard for Procurement and Supply.
    • A practitioner background as well as strategic experience.

    Your testimonial letter

    Your letter should be:

    • On the correct CIPS template, click here for a copy
    • Addressed to CIPS on headed business documentation or paper. 
    • Signed by your line manager, or whoever is responsible for your role or delivery of the business activities you undertake. 
    • Confirmation of the roles that you have occupied as well as the dates between which you occupied them

    Your organisation chart

    Your organisation chart should include:

    • Clear labelling so that we can see your position within the organisation.
    • Reporting lines so that we can see how many direct and indirect reports you are responsible for, we should also be able to see your line manager on the chart.
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