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Wednesday, 12 May 2021 - WEBINAR


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Negotiation Club Event
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This free webinar is brought to you by the CIPS Birmingham & Coventry branch and is for CIPS members only to attend.


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    In 90 minutes the participants find out more about how to enhance their negotiation skills through an effective, practical practice approach with others in a safe, learning format.

    We all know that Covid has turned the world upside down! We are now living in very difficult and challenging times which means our ability to navigate difficult conversations, difficult changes and difficult circumstances is more important than ever.

    So, although "social distancing" presents a physical challenge, we are still able to bring us together online which means we can still practice our Negotiation skills!

    This event allows participants to join from across the globe to engage in a unique opportunity to practice, observe and learn real skills that will support real world negotiations.

    Just 90 minutes is perfect to introduce the fundamentals of Negotiation Practice through simple scenarios generated using Negotiation Cards and allows for feedback and reflection.


    • Introduction to Negotiation Cards
    • Practical Practice Negotiation Scenarios
    • Practice Negotiation Tactics
    • Observing Negotiations
    • Attain Personal Feedback


    Michael Fry

    Birmingham & Coventry Branch Chair

    Phil Brown

    Founder & Director of The Negotiation Club Ltd

    “Passion” is probably the word that best describes the founder of The Negotiation Club (The “TNC”) when it comes to sharing and learning the vital skill that is negotiation. That’s because Phil’s passion is driven from wanting to help professionals, entrepreneurs and students tip the negotiation scales in their favour by delivering a “practical practice” format that will turn them into the most effective negotiators they can be.

    Following a successful purchasing career spanning 25 years supporting a variety of companies across a diverse range of industries, Phil is using his knowledge to make a difference in the world of negotiation. He created the only training resource, Negotiation Cards, that can be used time and time again to practice negotiation skills and now delivers unique workshops that challenge tradition training methods head on by focussing on practice rather than theory.

    He is dedication to making the TNC accessible to anyone, anywhere, who wants to become a better negotiator because that is the foundation for building valued relations in life and success in our businesses."


    Wednesday 12 May - WEBINAR

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    Negotiation Club Event
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    12 May 2021

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