How To Communicate More Effectively & Make Yourself Heard

Wednesday, 9 February 2022 - WEBINAR


How To Communicate More Effectively & Make Yourself Heard
Booking ends: 3 Feb 2022

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    Through the session, participants will develop a greater ability to become more effecting the most important business skills of all; communicating, listening, influencing and negotiating. They will discover ways to:

    • Communicate more effectively and make themselves heard
    • State a position with courage and respect
    • Construct solutions together with others

    The webinar will be interactive, we will explore ways to incorporate the following in various professional procurement situations:

    How to:

    1. Say what you want – so that you can increase your chance of being heard and achieving your goals
    2. Move from reproaching people for past behaviour to making a request about future behaviour
    3. Be respectful without running the risk of being perceived as deferring to others or manipulating them
    4. Be more consistent in expressing how you feel about a topic or situation, rather than using cliches or generalisations (e.g. thanks for making time, I know you’re incredibly busy. But I just wanted to have a quick catch up on something…)


    Sarah Hanson

    Managing PartnerInteractifs (Social Intelligence)

    Sarah Hanson is an expert in social intelligence – she trains people in the most important business skills of all – communicating, listening, negotiating and influencing, inside and outside their matrix organisations. Working with Sarah, participants quickly realise how to deal with others more effectively and more authentically and feel less pressure and stress. Through a combination of teaching and coaching, people discover simple adjustments they can make to increase the chance of having shorter meetings that achieve quicker, more concrete results with a better impact on their professional relationships. Skills they can apply immediately both inside and outside a work context.

    Sarah first discovered Interactifs as a participant herself back in 2017 and is now Managing Partner of the UK business. Sarah works across various industries and sectors and has already trained and coached over 200 Bouygues colleagues in both the UK and Canada. Previously based in SE London working in the FMCG and Financial Services industry, Sarah now lives in SW Scotland. She delivers training both in-person and online, in group and individual sessions, in the UK, Europe and North America.


    Wednesday 9 Feb - WEBINAR

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    How To Communicate More Effectively & Make Yourself Heard
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    09 February 2022

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