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We hold events in each region throughout the year. Organised by procurement professionals, for procurement professionals, these events facilitate networking and help build the local procurement community, whilst also providing bite sized portions of knowledge.

    Branch Overview

    CIPS local events are a great opportunity to raise your company's profile within the procurement community! If you are interested please contact the committee at

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    SA/NT Chair: Kendall Richardson
    CIPS Affiliate Member 
    Committee Member s. 2018
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    Kendall on LinkedIn 


    SA Committee: Sharron Bird FCIPS
    CIPS Fellow 
    Committee Member s. 2013
    Connect with Sharron on LinkedIn 


    SA Committee: Shannon Bottrell 
    CIPS Affiliate Member 
    Committee Member s. 2014
    Connect with Shannon on LinkedIn 


    SA Committee: Paul Broadbridge
    CIPS Affiliate
    Committee Member s. 2016
    Connect with Paul on LinkedIn 



    SA Committee: Richard Burley MCIPS
    CIPS Member
    Committee Member s. 2014
    Connect with Richard on LinkedIn 



    SA Committee: Melanie Cottell MCIPS
    CIPS Member  
    Committee Member s. 2019
    Connect with Melanie on LinkedIn 


    SA Committee: Lee Houlson FCIPS
    CIPS Fellow & CIPS Congress Member
    Committee Member s. 2015
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    SA Committee: Lauren Locke MCIPS
    CIPS Member
    Committee Member s. 2021
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    SA Committee: Sev Nagalingham MCIPS
    CIPS Member 
    Committee Member s. 2020
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    SA Committee: Greg Parkinson MCIPS
    CIPS Member 
    Committee Member s. 2021
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    NT Committee: Kylee Carter
    CIPS Affiliate Member 
    Committee Member s. 2021
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    elanie Cottell MCIPS, Chartered Professional
    Manger Procurement Capability Development, Department of Treasury & Finance
    Melanie has held a range of executive and leadership roles in the SA Government, including shaping and implementing policy and providing strategic oversight to the State’s Public Private Partnership arrangements. She lived in London for 9 years where she provided advice to the UK Government and local government in relation to large, complex, multi-billion dollar EU procurements; particularly Private Finance Initiatives. She holds qualifications in law, psychology and a Master of Business Administration. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Melanie is currently responsible for developing the capability of the SA government’s procurement and contract workforce. Melanie is a keen advocate for the profession and in particular for the attraction and retention of women to procuremen


    CIPS Australia and New Zealand’s range of workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand provide an excellent way to build procurement capability. The short courses are all instantly applicable and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Our workshops, available in multiple locations including SA/NT, are all delivered by leading procurement practitioners and consultants. 

    For course outlines, dates, pricing and registration, please see our Procurement training workshops page.

    CIPS Australia and New Zealand offer our students access to approved study centres who provide a range of study support services.

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