Unlocking Procurement Value Through Basic Realignment and Transformation

Friday, 5 March 2021 - WEBINAR


Unlocking Procurement Value Through Basic Realignment and Transformation

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    Often Procurement is confined in its ability to maximise the value that it could create for an organisation. When processes, people and systems get out of sync, it is time to realign, so value created by procurement can be maximised. The webinar will provide an overview of leading a brownfield procurement transformation. It will touch on tools that could be used in assessing procurement’s maturity and methods to embark on the transformation journey. It will also discuss challenges that should be expected during the change management and recommendations to overcome it.

    Aims: - To provide an overview and framework for how organisations can transform their sub optimum procurement function to attend excellence.


    Avnish Patel

    Commercial LeadGovernment Property Agency

    Avnish has diverse and deep experience of procurement in private and public sector. A major part of his career has been working in a fortune 500 company where he has built global teams and driven procurement transformation programs at category and functional level. His team was recently nominated at the world procurement leader’s awards in the internal transformation category. He has been a keynote speaker at many conferences and published articles and podcasts to share his experience and views on procurement. Avnish is an FCIPS with a MBA and engineering qualification.


    Friday 5 Mar - WEBINAR

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    Unlocking Procurement Value Through Basic Realignment and Transformation
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    05 March 2021

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