Switzerland Branch Vision:
We will actively engage with CIPS members and associated professionals throughout Switzerland to facilitate networking and host English language forums that reflects the composition and interests of our international purchasing community.


    Welcome to the Switzerland Branch

    Branch Mission:

    • To provide a local Professional Network
    • To promote representation, visibility and engagement in the local environment
    • To develop relationships between Member and Branch
    • To facilitate local sharing of Knowledge and Best Practice
    • To ensure alignment with CIPS strategy
    • Promote the professional and personal benefits of Membership in order to raise the profile and image of CIPS local and thereby recruit new Members
    • Elect an executive committee and hold yearly AGM's
    • Protect the image and reputation of CIPS through good stewardship of the CIPS brand

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    Branch Chair
    John Everett FCIPS

    Vice Chair
    Bill Young FCIPS

    Basel Team
    Chris Holmes MCIPS

    West Switzerland Team

    Matteo Consonni

    Procurement Women
    Pauline King

    Committee Member
    Daniela Sauter

    Committee Member
    Laurence Däppen

    Committee Member
    Sarah Heidrich MCIPS

    Committee Member
    Rajat Mitra

    Committee Member
    Thierry Fausten

    Committee Member
    Andrew Lahy

    Committee Member
    Manshuk Sarkulova

    Committee Member
    Jafles Pacheco FCIPS

    Committee Member
    Dorothee Blankenhorn MCIPS

    Committee Member
    Nicole Everett

    Please view a link to the Committee Profiles

    Advisory Board

    John Everett FCIPS
    Marianna Zangrillo
    Douglas Else-Jack FCIPS
    Thierry Lagrange
    Claudine Schelp
    Massimo Selmo

    Please view a link to the Advisory Board Profiles

    CPO Interviews

    Switzerland is home to some of the most successful multi-national companies and non-government organizations. The CPO interview is part of a series of management-level insights from Swiss-based global procurement leaders who openly share their wisdom and best practices. They also identify challenges and strategies that help them in building and successfully leading their organisations in the environment of technological disruption, volatility and uncertainty. CIPS Switzerland uniquely engages with them and offers our local community: best-practice events, workshops and networking opportunities.

    CPO Interviews with....

    Marc Roth, VP Procurement, Hero Group - June 2019

    Angela Qu, SVP Head of Procurement, Lufthansa Group - June 2019

    Markus Sagolla, CPO, Mibelle Group - January 2019

    Jan Patrick-Willmes, CPO, SwissPost, November 2018

    Almut Schafer, CPO, Axa Winterthur - October 2018

    Daniela Hahn, Head of Strategic Procurement at ETA SA - June 2018

    Gabriela Von Der Hoeh, Head of Procurement, Bayer Switzerland - June 2018

    Marco Goncalves - About CPO to CEO Transition - Special Edition - March 2018

    Wolfgang Rauch - CPO at Novartis - February 2018

    Douglas Else-Jack - CPO at Hitachi Zosen Inova AG - December 2017

    Willem Mutsaerts - CPO at Givaudan International SA - November 2017

    Uwe Wehnes - CPO at LafargeHolcim - August 2017

    Upcoming Events

    Past Events

    Past event information:

    A Time To Learn: Advancing Your Skills & Knowledge

    Agile In Procurement – Just Talk Or Reality
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    The Human Side of Procurement in VUCA Times
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    Salaries, Demand, Gen-Z and Market Places
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    What Businesses Want from Purchasing & Winter Quiz
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    Supply Chain Startups: Reality Check
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    Purchasing leadership and Business Impact
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    Business Differentiation via Supplier Innovation and Sustainability
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    Accelerating Procurement Careers
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    Swiss Supply Management Excellence
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    Meaningful Metrics – Making performance count event
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    CAPEX Capital Purchasing: Procure.ch/CIPS Switzerland Joint Event
    Please view presentation slides from the event:

    Young Professionals

    Young Professional Development Network

    Our CIPS Switzerland young professionals’ network is created to bring together young procurement and supply chain professionals within a wider network of experienced professionals who live and/or work in Switzerland or the surrounding countries.

    The majority of our young professional network are between 18 and 35 years old and/or have less than 10-years’ experience in the industry. However, if you do not meet these exact criteria and are still interested in getting involved, you are welcome to contact us to find out more.

    Young professionals will have access to our team of volunteers who can offer their experience about the different training and education options available, advise on different careers in procurement and supply chain and act as a sounding board for important career decisions.

    You can also contact our team directly to discuss different training options for young procurement and supply chain professionals living in and around Switzerland.

    Young professionals will also be invited to join regular meetings and join a network of like-minded young professionals to discuss ideas and shape the future of procurement and supply chain.

    If you want to know more about the CIPS Switzerland young professionals’ network and how to join, contact us here.

    You can also keep up with the latest CIPS news by joining the CIPS Switzerland LinkedIn group.

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