Marketing Materials

This area contains copies of all the marketing materials you have in hard copies and customisable presentation decks (please do not edit CIPS branding within these documents).


    Engage...   An overview of the new CIPS qualifications. Describes the stages and entry requirements to achieve MCIPS. Use in conjunction with the Explore or Excel brochure.
    Your career in procurement and supply   Aimed at 18yrs plus individuals not familiar with procurement and supply looking at career options or those on the periphery of the profession but interested in a career change. Should be given out with Engage. 
    Your professional licence   Details the routes to MCIPS. Aimed at those already aware of the profession who may well be in a junior buyers position or those on the periphery looking at a career change. Should be given out with Engage.
    Beyond MCIPS   Details the routes to FCIPS. Aimed at existing MCIPS.
    CIPS ethical procurement and supply  

    Encourage all your members and attendees to complete the ethical elearning and test, free of charge to CIPS members until October 2015.


    General presentation deck

    • Slide deck - a selection of slides for you to use pick and choose depending upon the event


    Target audience: school age students


    Adopt a School


    Negotiation Challenge

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