Marketing Procurement Group

A dedicated group of people who volunteer their time to promote marketing and purchasing.



    Who are the Marketing Procurement SKG?
    Created in 2005 in order to advise and develop best practice in the Marketing Procurement arena for the benefit of CIPS members

    The group has members from various private, public sector and charity organisations with a high interest in the development of best practice process and behaviours which deliver value for money in this specialist and high profile area of commercial spend

    We welcome anyone with an interest in marketing procurement to join us when vacancies become available

    What does the group do?
    On behalf of the procurement profession, the SKG will develop best practice guidance to CIPS, and provide strategic insight around Marketing Procurement, whilst forming links with related organisations in the Marketing Procurement sphere.

    Mission Statement
    Build a professional network to ascertain what Purchasing Marketing Professionals want and need from CIPS and the SKG

    Use social media tools to encourage debate and share information

    Provide input into CIPS training programmes for Marketing

    Understand the common agendas with key trade bodies to facilitate the advancement of best practice procurement

    CIPS Marketing SKG Terms of Reference (ToR)


    Why should you join this group?

    • The group are an experienced group of industry professionals with years of operational and strategic knowledge within the Marketing sector, willing to discuss and share best practice ideas to help support fellow procurement professionals.
    • CIPS brings the events together in conjunction with our members for an open forum of confidential discussion, to give a value add to your CIPS membership and to support and understand your work based challenges, to help you share and find solutions.
    • We want to raise awareness of the importance of good procurement practices and how to get the most from your supply chain.
    • We would be delighted to welcome you to our group, you can look to express interest to join this group via CIPS contact details:

    Contact Details

    This group is open to MCIPS and FCIPS members. If you would like to join this knowledge group, please contact CIPS, advising your:

    • CIPS membership number
    • Organisation name
    • Job title

    You are giving consent for your details to be shared with the chair of the group for engagement purposes, the chair will contact you directly.


    How this SKG networks:

    With quarterly face to face meetings held in London, the meetings present an opportunity to network, engage with group discussions and receive presentations from keynote speakers.

    Social media details:

    CIPS Marketing SKG Terms of Reference (ToR)


    The CIPS Marketing Specialist Knowledge Group operate daily in the Marketing sector, with this comes the experiences and challenges of a procurement role.

    Our members aim to share good practice and guidance that has brought about a solution within their working role, the information that the group chooses to share represents their passion for procurement and the desire to support like minded professionals who may work within the sector or members from other sectors who can utilise some of the content into their own working roles.


    Tools and Templates:


    On Thursday, 3rd November 2016, the CIPS Marketing Procurement Special Knowledge Group teamed up with Karmarama, a top creative agency, and the Market Research Society, to hold an event called 'Making Sense of Buying Marketing Services', to share the benefit of their experience to help buyers gain a better understanding of the key topics when buying Marketing Services.

    The event was aimed at those new into marketing procurement or those who were interested in finding out more.

    The presentations and video of the event are below..  

    If any members would like the SKG to present similar events, or you would like to see other areas covered by the group, please send your suggested topics to either Emma or Tina (see Contacts):

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