Bala Anusha

Bala Anusha MCIPS Chartered

CIPS Northern Emirates Branch UAE

What are the reasons you choose to volunteer for CIPS?

Volunteering - I feel proud and valued to be part of a professional team, it's challenging and rewarding too. Sharing our professional skills, experience or knowledge, we are able to make a long term impact - on people, strategic partners, organisations - and contribute towards their long term goals. Volunteering has given me the chance to give something back to the community and it makes a difference to the people around me. I feel so valued to be part of CIPS team. 

What is your biggest achievement whilst volunteering for CIPS?

Strong networking, making new friends and contacts. It also strengthens my ties to the community and broadens my support network, exposing me to people with both common and diverse interests - I learnt many new skills. It helps me in my career advancement and good insights on latest technology.  Volunteering gives me the opportunity to practice and develop my social and practical skills. Since we meet regularly with a group of people with common interests and help others in need, I feel privileged and energized to empower the team with tools that drive the profession, and enlighten professionals on the ethical and organic path to growth.

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