Computer based exams

The future of CIPS exams

CIPS plans to transform how we deliver exams for students worldwide by introducing computer based testing (CBEs).

Many people now expect to take their exams on screen which reflects our modern day working environment.

For some time now we’ve all known that the world is digital and that paper is a thing of the past. In our recent student member survey 90% of respondents said they would prefer to take computer based exams (CBE) rather than on paper. Following this feedback it is a logical next step for CIPS to focus on transforming exams to become fully computer-based.

We want to provide our students with greater flexibility and convenience to meet their expectations. By moving to CBEs we will be making them more accessible with additional exam opportunities per year available globally using a system that is engaging and easy to use. At the same time, we want to reduce the amount of paper distributed around the world and speed up the time it can take to get your results.


Advantages of Computer Based Exams (CBEs)

  • Easy to navigate questions quickly
  • Easy to check and change response answers
  • Better time management during the exam
  • Flag questions you are unsure of to return to later
  • Reminders about any questions you’ve missed before you submit
  • Your answers automatically saved
  • No need to write for hours
  • Easy to edit essay style questions as you type
  • Receive results more quickly.

You don’t need to be an expert to take CBEs

Every aspect of our new exam system is easy to use. Students will have access to tutorials and practice exam papers which can be taken as many times as required. There’s also additional guidance that you can download about practising answers for different type of exam questions, meaning that on exam day students are well prepared and can concentrate on completing the exam not how to use the system.

As well as this exam practise support, you can also go to our website to look at revision methods and tips for approaching CIPS exams.


More exam opportunities per year

The simplicity of a computer-based solution is that it will enable us to offer assessments in greater frequency with greater proximity to the period of tuition. This will be an excellent benefit for all studying members. We will also be able to speed up exam marking and have enhanced reporting capabilities.


The same exam rigour applies

All of our customer groups can feel assured that the rigour for creating exam questions will not be compromised by moving to CBE. The questions created for all of our qualifications will continue to assess and validate knowledge of the learning outcomes identified in the syllabus. 

Our system will hold many different questions based on the learning outcomes for each of our qualifications. Each CBE will consist of randomised questions pulled from these question banks which minimises the chances of any candidate getting the same set of questions.


Stay informed

Make sure you receive all of our communications by keeping your MyCIPS account details up to date. We will send regular updates by email, CIPS social media groups and on

There are more detailed answers to other types of frequently asked questions on our website

Next update - A new exam schedule for the updated qualifications be released this August 2018.  Originally we anticipated releasing the schedule for Certificate and Advanced Certificate sooner however this has not been possible.  The new schedule will be release in time for you to continue your plans for 2018/19.

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