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Staff changes in the Professional Development Team

We’ve  made some team changes recently and I’m delighted to inform you that Kevin Hickman, Head of Standards and Product Development, has taken over as the project manager for the qualifications project. Kevin is based in the UK and will focus on the implementation of computer-based examinations and the new diploma qualifications during 2019.

Charlotte Payne will be moving to our Melbourne, Australia office in early 2019 taking on the new role as Head of Professional Body.  To replace Charlotte’s role we will shortly be recruiting for a Head of Learning Networks, based at our UK site which will focus on supporting and developing our education partner network.

Qualifications project update

We will be releasing each of the diploma level qualifications content and transfer arrangements to students after the January 2019 exam week; advanced notice of these communications will be circulated to all centres, giving you the support you need to support your students. 


  • Download the key activities timeline which shows at a glance important dates from the qualifications review project team.
  • You already have exclusive access to the module content (the syllabus) for the updated Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma qualification, each were pre-released via our ereader platform,Locklizard.
  • Qualification overview guides are in the “Preparing for the new (2018) Qualifications” section of the education partner resources and should assist your team’s planning and preparation for the new diploma qualifications.

More education partner events and webinars planned for 2019 

Learning resources release updates

Study guides

Copies of the Certificate and Advanced Certificate study guides, with the exception of L3M5 and L3M6 Advanced Certificate elective modules are available via LockLizard.  You can also purchase hard copy books now from the CIPS Bookshop. Teaching resources are available in the education partner resources pages. Don’t forget the tutor notes complement the slides and include vital information relating to the learning exercises.

Are you planning to teach these modules for March 2019 exams?

If you are planning to teach on L3M6 Socially Responsible Warehousing and Distribution before January 2019 and wish to pre-order study guides for this module for your students now, we’ll send you a study guide for L3M5 socially responsible procurement free of charge when you place your order and follow up with L3M6 socially responsible warehousing and distribution once in stock. Two of the learning outcomes within these modules are the same. 

Computer-based exams update

We are offering early access to our computer based exams system for the following diploma level exams: D5, AD5, AD1, PD6 in May 2019.   Any centres wishing to take part and introduce their students to CBEs early can register interest, please email

New constructed response timetable

The CBE constructed response timetable for July, September and November 2019 onwards is available to download in the Key Assessments Dates section section of the Education partner webpages.

Exam preparation support

Would you like to develop your skills in writing objective and constructed response exam questions? From March 2019 we plan to roll out tutorials for ‘exams question writing’ to help with exam preparation for your students.

We are currently preparing exam techniques guides for all types of exam questions and formats.  The certificate levels guide will be released in January 2019 followed by the diploma levels guide in March 2019.

Preparing for CBEs

When students register for their CBE they will have access to the CBE system to starting practising on general knowledge question papers to help familiarise themselves with the system. Remember we are not testing typing and computer skills student can access practice questions as often as they like to get comfortable with the system.

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