April 2018

Fit For the Future

What does the future hold for procurement? As technology advances continue apace, it’s critical for procurement and supply professionals to continue their education and development to stay ahead in an industry with an ever-shifting landscape. With global events also shaping the nature of the sector, our changing world has its own impact on our industry’s future.

Procurement Salary Guide and Insights 2018

The results held some surprising outcomes with the disparity between men and women in the private sector still a talking point, however the good news for all our members is that those with FCIPS/MCIPS or working towards it still command a greater salary and respect than those without.

John Glen, CIPS Economist and Visiting Fellow of Cranfield University put the results into perspective to what’s happening in the economy globally, and PA Consulting presented four possible futures for procurement which prompted a lively discussion. The full report will be officially launched to all members on 2 June however; you can order your preview copy from Hays today... More

Procurement’s billion dollar impact

Global pharma R&D expenditure increased to $177.6 billion in 2017, according to R&D Magazine.

Patient Recruitment and Retention (PR&R) is a key part of the drug discovery process, and delays at this stage can result in trials being terminated. As this is often led by procurement in mid-to-large pharma companies, picking the right supplier has a lot of money riding on it…More

Making change easy

The MRO world is changing, and it’s important that procurement and supply professionals are geared up to deal with these changes. MRO suppliers can play a key role in evolving your MRO procurement strategy to keep up with changing trends and technology. Taking a multi-channel approach to MRO procurement and getting a full understanding of your data are two ways to help make this a smooth transformation…More

The Future of Procurement and Supply Management

How will the supply landscape change in the coming years? What are the likely impacts of these changes on procurement professionals? CIPS has partnered with the University of Liverpool and Aston University to look at the landscape of procurement and supply management in the decades to come. The paper considers who the leaders will be during these times of transition and how future leaders can align themselves to best prepare.

It’s not too late to get involved…The CIPS Knowledge team are continuing to build additional content for the members of our community in order to support the findings in the paper, and we would like to connect with any members or affiliates who have knowledge and experience in the following areas, so we can build a global view of application and ongoing developments that are shaping Procurement and Supply Chains…More

  • Industry 4.0 application
  • Innovation
  • Artificial intelligence in Supply Chains
  • Big Data and Data Analytics
  • Blockchain

Please feel free to contact Knowledge@CIPS.org if you would like to contribute to knowledge in the above areas.

Social Media service providers: addressing the problem of plenty

Digital marketing spend across industry sectors has been steadily increasing, with social media contributing to 13-15% of overall spend. According to the CNBC, social media advertising will be worth $50.2 billion by 2019, mainly due to the increased adoption of technology by the public. Therefore, sourcing the most effective social media management is a key part of an organisation’s digital success. ..More

Intelligent Procurement: How Artificial Intelligence Can Expand Value

Discover how artificial intelligence can enhance and augment procurement's capabilities through intelligent solutions to help deliver transformative value…More

How New and Emerging Technologies Are Reshaping the Procurement Function

In this eGuide, experts from GEP discuss how five game-changing technologies — artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain, IoT and 3D printing — will reshape and redesign the future of procurement and supply chain teams…More

MTC: Manufacturing and Technology centre

This organisation is focused on driving the introduction of new technology to support the manufacturing sector, supporting industry bridge the valley of death…More

Industry 4.0 for procurement

Are we in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution which enables autonomous communications? What does this mean for our industry in terms of leveraging technology to deliver value? ..More

News from Australasia

Modern Slavery Act

Gio asked if we can include something on the survey we will be doing in AU/NZ re intro of a local Modern Slavery Act – I don’t have any details though

Procurement evolution

The CIPS New Zealand Conference 2018 had the theme of ‘Procurement evolution’, with a number of speakers talking about the changing shape of the procurement function and the impetus for it to become increasingly more strategic…More

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