February 2017

A passion for procurement

Does your career make you feel valued? As with any relationship, you get back what you put in. So it makes sense to approach your role with passion and enthusiasm - the rewards will be boundless. Don’t let yourself sit still and stagnate - think constantly about how you can drive yourself forward, placing a strong focus on professional development through training and learning. Look at how you can upskill not only yourself but your team members, and promote our profession at every opportunity to the next generation of potential procurement professionals. Go to as many events as you can, embracing new ideas and different, better ways of working. By immersing yourself in your profession you’ll discover you have not just a job but a career to be proud of – and passionate about.

MENA Conference and Awards

The 2017 awards received a record number of entries. Find out more about the winners in each category

With events now being held in 6 regions make sure you start shouting about your success... More

EI Profiling

CIPS members can now take either an Emotional Intelligence profile snapshot or a Personality Type profile at a discounted price. The EIP Snapshot is just £34 and the Personality Type profile is £24... More

What cost Valentine’s Day?

With chocolate still not far from our thoughts following Valentine’s day, now is the perfect time to look at what chocolate prices are doing. According to the Mintec Chocolate Index, overall chocolate prices were up 4% year on year this Valentine’s Day... More

What CFOs should expect from CPOs

The CPO’s remit has changed radically with the advent of globalisation. Efficient procurement is now a strategic asset and the role of the CPO is far more complex.

View this infographic to find out what seven habits you need to adopt to stay highly effective in today’s market and show your strategic value to CFOs. Brought to you by Supply Management Insider in partnership with GEP... More


Networking tips: the salesman’s view

When starting a career in sales you are taught that mastering the ability to network is critical to your success, both in winning sales and advancing your career.

'But I don’t work in sales', I hear you say. The truth is you do. We all do. If you want to succeed in your career, whatever role you do, then you need to be able to successfully sell yourself, to internal stakeholders for promotion, or to a new prospective employer. Tim Jenkins. Managing Director of WheelSpinner Consulting, gives his top five tips for successful networking…More

Modern-day slavery in the supply chain

YPO is conducting a survey of all its suppliers' social values, following on from a 2015 assessment. Through this, it is attempting to recognise the challenges the suppliers face, and understand what methods they use to tackle these issues… More

Take the CIPS training in Ethical Supply

Young Millenials in MENA

The workforce in the MENA region increasingly comprises of Millennials, and by 2020, over 50% of the workforce will be classed as a Millennial. What are Millennials? They differ from Gen X and Boomers in that they expect collaboration instead of competition, seeking work which inspires them. Coupled with their natural affinity for rapid communication and exploitation of latest technological mediums this can result in significant benefits for procurement through quick adoption of evolving technologies.

However, procurement may not be the first career of choice for this group. The CIPS MENA Millennials Group wants to change that by providing young procurement professionals with a platform to speak up and share their experiences working in the function with each other and those that are just starting their professional journey. Young procurement professionals will be offered mentoring and the opportunity to reverse-mentor their seniors, a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Want to get involved? Please email rafiah.nawaz@cips.org to discuss how you can help.

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