February 2019

Working smarter to meet global challenges...

Global changes – and uncertainties – continue apace. In a world where technology is rapidly developing and expectations constantly changing, it’s essential that as procurement professionals we continue to deliver consistently.

This means being open to new ways of learning, and changing – even transforming – the way we work, understanding that we must operate differently to meet critical need, and realising that pace of change is lightning quick.

CIPS supports its members with recently updated qualifications, training, more webinars, new resources and downloads, to ensure your professional development is in line with this rapid evolution.

Future proofing your career


CIPS qualifications and training help you take your career to the next level, acting as a platform for personal and professional development. Our updated qualifications focus on global content, such as commercial strategy, strategic supply chain management, logistics, and future strategic challenges for the profession. We are responding to changes in the business world, helping our professionals to thrive and grow as it evolves.


Our senior level training courses include Collaborative Contracting, The Art and Science of Selling and Leading Procurement Strategy. Along with our updated qualifications, these courses help demonstrate how CIPS is helping procurement professionals to become innovators and drivers of change, creative and strategic thinkers and influencers in their own organisations. Full list of courses

Master the art of influencing

Relationship management and soft skills are key to procurement success. This blog shares some great tips on how you can accelerate these interactions through mastering the art of influencing when giving feedback to build trust with key stakeholders and suppliers... More

UK Government CIPS members encouraged to upgrade to Chartered Status

The Government Commercial Function (GCF) has issued new guidance to CIPS members in Government, stating that the GCF expects them to upgrade their CIPS membership and become a Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional.

This GCF initiative is aimed at developing the commercial and procurement capability in order to drive forward best practice across Government. The announcement underpins the commitment of the two organisations, to drive highest standards of professionalism in the public sector.

To gain Chartered Status, CIPS members working in the GCF have to undertake ethical training, resulting in the successful completion of the CIPS ethics test, and commit to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure they remain up-to-date and can demonstrate their commercial capability... More

Procurement outlook report

Get the latest insights from the profession's best thought leaders and category experts on the latest trends in digital procurement and supply chain transformations to help with your strategic planning for 2019... Full report

Adopt a smart(er) procurement process to cope with future challenges

Modernising procurement processes is one of the crucial differentiators cited in a recent CIPS member survey. Find out how to use game theory and data insights to generate negotiation power and value... More

Ethics e-learning video

We’ve recently improved the ethics e-learning video based on feedback from members that streaming the video was difficult in some regions where bandwidth was low. We have therefore changed the video so it is possible to choose the quality, so those who were experiencing issues can stream a lower-definition version. We have also added a transcript, so the content can be accessed as text for those that are unable to stream at all. The test is free for members and is essential to complete and pass to gain Chartered Status... Take the test

The 2019 Procurement Technology Forecast

GEP share tips on how analytics, augmented data, blockchain and other future technologies can inform your business on becoming a ‘Digital First’ organisation and lead the way by transforming your business model, modernising your procurement strategies and digitising end-to-end processes to drive innovation for 2019... More

The impact of AI on procurement and supply chain

Among the profound technological innovations that have started to emerge in business, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is clearly at the head of the pack. It’s been recognised as the technological forerunner when it comes to revolutionary levels of enablement, and has started to impact on almost every layer of the modern organisation. Procurement and supply chains, along with the wealth of data they generate, are ripe to leverage the efficiencies and insights afforded by AI. This definitive white paper covers the essentials of AI and showcases the game-changing applications that will be most relevant in procurement and the supply chain... More

Transform the way you innovate

Innovation is the key to competitive advantage, but taking any new idea from concept to launch and beyond involves time, cost and risk. The CIPS Innovation Cycle takes your business through every step involved in 'innovating' new products, technologies, services, supplier processes and more. It gives you the reassurance that your projects will run more smoothly and become cost-effective so you can capitalise rapidly on innovation... More

Disruptive Innovation white paper

How can your organisation weather the storm of disruption and thrive? Can smart procurement help? This whitepaper, from CIPS and Supply Management, will show you:

  • How geopolitical, demographic and technological changes are disrupting business
  • How procurement can lead through disruption
  • How to stay ahead in a disruptive world

Read more

Watch the video

CIPS and The University of Melbourne: digitalisation in procurement and supply

The University of Melbourne has carried out global research in partnership with CIPS, to gather insight into the levels of understanding and implementation of digital systems in the procurement community worldwide.

As with many sectors, digital disruption is taking hold and is having a significant effect on procurement and supply chain practices. This could lead to supply chain systems that are transparent, flexible and agile, as well as being customer-centric, responsive and creating real value; not just delivering cost savings for organisations. Companies are no longer restricted by physical supply chains as they merge with the digital sphere. As digital takes hold, communications conducted by humans will be replaced by machine-to-machine interactions and human intervention is likely to become more strategic... More


CIPS receives grant to develop health procurement capability in Africa

CIPS has been awarded a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve the procurement of healthcare and medicines across Africa. The programme will run over three years and is an exciting opportunity to increase skills and capability in the management of critical products and services.

CIPS will be working with a number of on-the-ground agencies to look at ways CIPS can strengthen procurement processes and knowledge to deliver improved procurement spending... Read more

CIPS Supply Management Awards goes global...

Our Awards are globally-recognised as the ‘Oscars’ of the procurement profession. With 5 regional awards ceremonies each year there is now a region and a category for every type of project so make sure you enter your best work and benchmark yourself against your peers in the profession. Start shouting about your success... More

The Times and CIPS 'Supply Chain Innovation' Special Report

CIPS is pleased to announce an association partnership with Raconteur on their “Supply Chain Innovation” special report, published in the centre of The Times newspaper on 12th March 2019. Together with our support, they are working to create a 16-page report putting together well-informed, thought-provoking content which will engage & challenge the UK's largest C-suite readership on the latest innovations and challenges across the supply chain.

With a national circulation of 408,000 copies and an overall readership of 1.1 million, The Times is the leading newspaper in the UK reaching a key audience of business leaders and decision-makers – with 53 per cent more C-suite executives in their readership than the Financial Times.

Profiling just 6-8 leading companies in this space, discounted commercial options are available to all CIPS partners/members. For further details, please contact Publishing Manager, Helen Glynn (+44(0)203 877 3841 / hg@raconteur.net) who would be happy to provide more information about the report and the ROI that partners can expect from involvement.

Raconteur are a premium independent publishing house, committed to producing high quality, special interest content for The Times & Sunday Times newspapers. For more information, please contact Helen Glynn directly on (+44(0)203 877 3841 / hg@raconteur.net)

CIPS Knowledge

Latest additions to the CIPS Knowledge Hub:

How to maximise value-for-money during economic uncertainty

What factors as well as Brexit are driving change in procurement for MRO?

Learning from Carillion, bracing for Brexit

With Brexit on the horizon, lessons from the mayhem that resulted from Carillion's problems should be learnt. In this on-demand webinar, we explore key strategies including prioritising supplier financial viability to avoid systemic supply chain disruption and to minimise potential implications of any uncertain times ahead. Download the webinar

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