March 2017

Risk management in the supply chain

Supply chain risk is an incredibly important area of business – this is because most companies have global supply chains that they rely on to transport products to and from other parts of the world. RS’s Charlie Jenkinson reveals the biggest risks and explains how working with the right supplier can help businesses to avoid them. More

Slavery statements – are you ready?

Under the Modern Slavery Act any company - whether public or private - that has a global turnover of more than £36m and operates in the UK must publish an annual statement outlining what they are doing to identify and address modern slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains.


Businesses have six months after their financial year-end to publish these statements More

Modern Slavery Act Statement deadline More

Morrisons seeks UK suppliers due to global risk

As uncertainty grows with Britain leaving the European Union, businesses are looking for new ways to manage in this revised landscape of anti-globalisation and pro-protectionism.

The CIPS Risk Index, powered by Dun & Bradstreet highlighted, this new wave of political change in the Q4 results where risk was reported to be the highest for 24 years. Retailers with complex and global supply chains are already looking at ways to circumvent any possible tariffs or difficulties sourcing the goods they usually stock.

The supermarket Morrisons is sourcing 200 more UK suppliers after a commissioned report found that only just over half the food eaten in the UK came from UK sources. With the report also highlighting climate change, the Trump administration and the Brexit vote as additional risks, the supermarket made this decision to 'hedge its bet'. More

Use social values for smarter procurement

CIPS is delighted to announce a new knowledge partnership with YPO, a UK-public sector buying organisation. During times of austerity, the public sector is under constant pressure to achieve more for less. Procurement services have never been under more scrutiny as organisations strive to make significant savings and increasing efficiencies. As well as saving time and money, Social Value is an effective way of achieving smarter procurement. More

Category management outsourcing: the bridge to strategic procurement

Procurement leaders at market-leading enterprises worldwide are turning to procurement outsourcing (PO) to increase the reach and impact of their procurement teams. And, an increasing number of PO engagements — a 16 percent rise in the last five years — now include category management in their scope.

Why is this trend accelerating? How could it benefit your procurement team and company? What do you need to know to make good decisions here?

This report details the key value drivers for category management outsourcing and current market dynamics. The report also shares common enterprise challenges in outsourcing category management and steps you can take to mitigate them.

Inside the report:

  • Key value drivers of category management outsourcing

  • Current market trends

  • Common challenges and mitigation strategies

  • Updated best practices in category management

It’s a must-read report for all procurement pros looking to deliver higher savings, improve supplier performance, mitigate risks, and drive innovation for the enterprise. More

Mintec factsheets

Purchasing professionals new to a commodity or those looking for a top-line overview for a specific commodity area can access our special factsheets, which are regularly updated. Latest additions include saffron, soya bean oil, pork cuts, and durum wheat. More

Past papers, assessment guidance and revision tip

As a studying member you can access all of the freely available study resources in the Student Zone. Login and make the most of your valuable study time. Following the recent studying member survey you told us that the most useful resources that we provide are Principal Marker reports, Past papers, Assessment guidance and sample questions papers, we’ve recently added a marked answer booklet too. All of these tools are designed for candidates - both those who have sat the examinations and those who wish to use them as part of their preparation for future examinations. More

Case study entries - May 2017

If you have entered for PD3: Strategic supply chain management and AD3: Improving the competitiveness of supply chains, your pre-released case studies for May 2017 exams will be available from 18 April 2017. We’ve produced a short guide to help you prepare – login and take a look at the full pre-released case study assessment guidance in the Student Zone.


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