March 2020

Your 2020 vision

As we say goodbye to the first month of 2020, how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? They can be easy to make in the post-Christmas period, but far less easy to keep once the busy days January take their grip.

As a procurement professional, your career-based resolution is not one you can afford to let slide. Establishing a strong strategy for the months ahead will give you and your organisation a key competitive edge, keeping you motivated at each stage. Set yourself an overarching vision, then break it down into manageable sections for each month, so you can mark your achievements on a regular basis. Time to step into 2020 with serious strategic impact…

Getting to the heart of contract management

CIPS’ training courses can equip you with these key skills, enabling you to deliver effective and strategic contract management.

CIPS also has a new Contract Management page on the website, packed with information to guide you through the process of contract management, right the way through from establishing the business case to reviewing performance. You can also download our full comprehensive guide, and enjoy an enlightening podcast from Duncan Brock, CIPS Group Director.

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Benchmarking: powering procurement performance

The differences between organisations and sectors have historically made it tricky to pin down the answers to these questions - what is ‘best-in-class’ procurement, how do we define who is leading the profession and who is simply keeping up? CIPS has teamed up with WNS to document the common threads among high-performing organisations. Our aim was to examine the relationship between value and alignment, to subsequently develop a new, more dynamic best-in-class benchmark for the profession. Discover our findings…

Read the white paper here

The rise and rise of game theory

Building on the findings of their previous surveys conducted in 2017 and 2018, the results show that increasingly more Procurement organisations are discovering and applying game theory. However, despite both this trend and participants’ expectations regarding the future importance of game theory, adoption levels seem to be constrained by a lack of available learning resources and limited knowledge transfer opportunities.

Some of the key findings were:

  • Application of game theory has increased to 19% across all respondents
  • 65% of participants predict game theory applications will grow
  • 70% of respondents have only a basic or a below-basic understanding of game theory
  • 20% of participants had on-the-job training in game theory
  • 50% of respondents desire new or improved software solutions
  • 90% of respondents do not have the software they need for their work

Access the full survey here…


Check out the new Branch Pages on the Website

Aimed at showcasing and promoting the great work that the volunteers do to organise events and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and engagement within their local area.

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CIPS Knowledge

Enjoy professional book discounts from Kogan Page

CIPS has partnered with independent, international business publishers Kogan Page to provide access to professional book and ebook resources for students and practitioners, with a fantastic 20% discount off the recommended retail price.

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How much do you know about your supply chain?

Simply accepting these as ‘business as usual’ could have serious repercussions for your organisation, both from a reputation perspective and also financially. Read the full story here

Modern Slavery

There are believed to be over 40 million people enslaved worldwide, generating an estimated US $150 billion in illegal profits per year. Types of slavery include child trafficking, forced labour/debt bondage, sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation and domestic servitude.Read the full story here

What counts as Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

Committing to your CPD is the best way to continue your professional journey, keeping you up-to-date with the profession and ensuring you have the relevant skills for the current market. Find out more about CPD

CIPS Foundation - we are improving lives through more efficient supply chains.

We’re currently trialling three projects at the CIPS Foundation - in India, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe - each with a different approach to knowledge sharing and skills development. The projects use a variety of methods, from train-the-trainer and grassroots leadership to network development and civil society organisations. The projects will feed back on the success of their ventures and how well impact has been achieved, and from this the Foundation will adapt the model to ensure that we are helping to improve lives through procurement and supply best practice. Follow the CIPS Foundation

The Brexit Storm: what does the year ahead hold?

Find out how businesses and supply chain managers continued to be affected by Brexit, by downloading the latest CIPS report. The Brexit Storm features all the results from the surveys, plus the latest survey results and responses from the manufacturing sector. Access the full report

CIPS Regional Updates


Annual Procurement Summit success

CIPS Northern Emirates Branch recently held their second Annual Procurement Summit. With over 200 attendees, including professionals and working students from Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Oman, the event was also attended by eminent business leadership speakers.

CIPS Middle East Conference and Awards

Enter the Awards now

South Africa

Save the date for the next Africa Summit is to be held on 26 February in Johannesburg

Australia/New Zealand

Name change to CIPS Australia and New Zealand

Keeping you posted on the current organization change from Australasia to Australia New Zealand, we have transitioned to change all our social media platforms to @CIPSANZ and CIPS Australia and New Zealand. A change that reflects the renewed focus on the two key markets for our Institute.

Membership growth in FY19 of 10.5% - the highest growth rate in student population (16.4%) and growth reported across all categories (Affiliate, Student, Fully Qualified)

CIPS NZ Conference 2020 - Moving the procurement profession forward

Launch of the 2020 ANZ Learning Directory

SM Awards submissions currently open

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