May 2018

Are you up to date?

With new GDPR legislation coming into effect, how prepared are you for the changes? Please log in to your My CIPS account and adjust your preferences accordingly so we can keep in touch and keep the conversation going. And as we launch our new CPD programme, leading to Chartered Professional Status, keeping your CPD hours up to date has never been more important.

CPD leads to Chartered Professional Status

CIPS has launched a new CPD programme leading to Chartered Professional Status. So keeping your CPD hours up to date has never been more important for your career, your employer and your standing as a professional.

CPD is good practice for everyone in the profession, demonstrating that your skills and knowledge are up to date. There are a range of activities you could do to complete your hours which include:


Now, those meeting the dual requirements of 30 hours of CPD and having an up-to-date CIPS Ethics Certificate each year will also be given Chartered Status. It is important that you maintain an up-to-date Ethics Certificate throughout the entire year and do not allow it to lapse. This offers employers proof of a high standard of relevance, knowledge and skills in current practices, ethics and standards. More

More CPD – the top 10 things you may not know count

1. Accessing CIPS Knowledge insights

2. Attending a CIPS event

3. Reading Supply Management magazine or SM Daily news bulletins

4. Studying for a qualification or an applied learning programme

5. Completing e-learning

6. Enrolling on a training course

7. Joining a webinar

8. Joining a Specialist Knowledge Group

9. Volunteering at your local CIPS branch

10. On-the-job development, from mentoring or coaching to job shadowing

Keeping team skills up to date

The new CPD initiative from CIPS will give members even greater impetus to seek out development opportunities, so now is a great time for managers to help their teams to identify their greatest areas of need. CIPS can help with a Skills Gap Analysis to review your teams’ knowledge levels, identifying strengths as well as limitations and helping you target your training budget in the right areas.

The Skills Gap Analysis consists of an online questionnaire with options for face-to-face interviews that together provide an in-depth assessment of your employees’ procurement training needs and talents. The questions span the 11 themes of the CIPS Global Standard – covering topics such as spend management, ethics and technology – and benchmarks people against the 5 competency levels, from Tactical up to Advanced Professional.

The results will ensure you have a high-functioning team with no crucial skills or knowledge gaps and also help with succession planning.

Take the indirect components and MRO supplies survey

The insights from the inaugural survey last year, on the key challenges and opportunities faced, have been read by around 3,000 people and have been resonating with members ever since. Your continuing feedback will help us to understand trends in this indirect procurement category and identify any potential improvements which could be useful for our members and the procurement community. Take part now

Flash poll

CIPS is gathering views from UK businesses on the use of third party consultants to help them to comply with the UK's Modern Slavery Act. Please answer just three quick questions and help CIPS to support businesses to find and address slavery in their supply chains. More


GEP on-demand webinar: How Procurement Can Drive Workplace Transformation Through Cloud and Mobile

Download the on-demand webinar to identify the steps procurement teams can take in supporting and even initiating the digital procurement transformation, and discover the current state of the procurement software market and what the top selection criteria should be. The webinar also examines the capabilities that cloud and mobile procurement software should – and should not – offer in the workplace of tomorrow. More

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