Remote Invigilation Guidance

CIPS exams are delivered by computer-based testing (CBT) software on the TestReach system and remote Invigilation for the exams is delivered by Victvs through a mobile device app. - download the App

Remote invigilation allows you to take your exam on your own laptop or computer with your mobile device in a suitably quiet location.

Victvs remote mobile application:

  • iOS – iOS 13.4 and above. Devices – iPhone 7,7 plus, 8, 8 plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 pro, 11 Max Pro, SE (2nd gen), iPad Air 2 (and above), iPad Mini 4, All iPad Pro model
  • Android – 8.0 and above.

You can find the mobile application at:

Apple iOS 



A large screen

Mac 10.8+ or Windows 7+ operating system (please note that surface Pros/tablets/notebooks are not compatible with the CBT application)

Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM

Continuous internet speed of a minimum of 516 kbps

If this is your first CIPS computer based exam you have registered for, you will have received an email from TestReach Customer Support confirming your booking and user ID (this will be your email address that you have registered with CIPS). To ensure you always receive these emails, please ad TestReach to your trusted contacts.

Your enrolment email from TestReach provides the relevant information and guidance to download the TestReach app used for the TestReach system prior to your exam. You should then login and take the ‘test tutorial’ before exam day and familiarise yourself with the system.

You will also receive a link from CIPS to download the Victvs remote invigilation application to your mobile device. You will be asked to demonstrate that the equipment you will be using to complete the exam matches or exceeds the specification above and this will need to be completed at least 5 working days before the exam. You will also need to test that your camera and audio is working in the Victvs app.

Data privacy: You will be required to accept the terms and conditions tick box for using the TestReach remote invigilation system before starting the exam.

The exam must take place in isolation, with no interruptions and in a well-lit, quiet, private room. An open plan office environment is not appropriate.

You should set your computer up at least 20-25 minutes before the exam is due to start, in order to login, enter the exam and go through the system checks. You will need to open the Victvs application on your mobile device, you will be asked to enter your personal details, check your internet speed, camera and audio. You will then need to open the TestReach application where you will enter your TestReach log in details. If you have any technical issues which may need resolving, you will be able to use the Victvs contact details from the application. There is also a chat facility to enable you to send messages to your invigilator.

  • You will be able to login to the Victvs application on your mobile device15 minutes before the exam start time to complete your system and ID checks.
  • You will then need to select your exam from your dashboard
  • You must have your exam confirmation (an electronic copy is acceptable) and photo ID.
  • You will be asked to hold these up to the screen in the Victvs application.
  • You must have your login details (user ID) and password for TestReach. This will be the email address you have registered with CIPS.
  • You will be required to pan the camera around the room and under your desk to check the integrity of the exam location. Any security risks that could prevent you from taking the exam, are including but not limited to:
    • Additional monitors or computers must be clearly unplugged and turned away.
    • The invigilator may ask to inspect any wall art/posters
    • Other written materials in the room / whiteboards must be wiped clean
    • Your computer area must be completely clear of all materials or additional equipment such as mobile phones
    • You must remove any unauthorised items before the exam starts.
    • You will then need to place your device in an area in the room where the invigilator can see the whole room

Make sure you have access to another phone to contact TestReach in case of any technical issues, this way you will remain under invigilation by Victvs whilst you contact TestReach.

Please refer to the Victvs website for full guidance videos.

During the exam, you must not access the following types of personal items:

  • Mobile phones, pagers, watches or any form of electronic devices, wallets, purses, bags, coats, hats, books or notes.

Once you enter the Victvs app system via the mobile App, you will complete your system/ personal checks. Click ‘Enter’ on the relevant exam.

You will not be able to start your exam before the stated time

If you are delayed (due to personal reasons) you will be permitted to commence the exam up to 30 minutes after the scheduled start time. However, you will not be given additional time to make up for the delayed start. If you are not connected within 30 minutes, your session will time out and you will not be able to do the exam.

If you are not able to access your exam within the first 30 minutes and therefore not able to sit your exam, please contact CIPS with the details at

For the duration of the exam you will be recorded via your camera on your mobile device. In the unlikely event that you experience any technical difficulties please use the contact details on the Victvs application or the chat function in the application. If you are unable to resolve your issue please contact CIPS

The invigilator is unable to answer any questions or enter into any discussion regarding the content of the exam. If there is a concern regarding a question within the exam, you should answer it to the best of your ability and continue with the exam.

Breaks - you are not allowed to leave the room and take breaks during the exam for any reason. If you leave the room your exam result will be invalidated and you will not be allowed to resume the exam later.

You are not allowed to move around the exam room i.e. no wandering around the room. You must remain in the camera viewing area at all times.

Eating, smoking and chewing gum is not allowed during the exam.

Soft drinks are allowed, but only from a clear container such as a glass or bottle with the label removed.

You will be recorded via the camera on your mobile device for the duration of the exam. Once completed, CIPS will be provided with a report that will detail any infringements or breaches of exam regulations.

Issues could be such things as (but not limited to):

  • A phone rings
  • A person enters the room
  • Suspicious behaviour such as eye movement, head movement, hand movement, talking or mouthing or other indications of external communication
  • There is excessive noise outside the room
  • Accessing any unauthorised material such as notes or course books

The type and severity of the issue will be considered by the invigilator in order that they can then report this to CIPS.

Any breach of exam regulations will be taken extremely seriously and will result in disciplinary action.

Candidates will not be awarded marks for any answers submitted and may face a ban on taking assessments for up to three years.

Despite all best efforts, occasionally incidents do take place which may have affected your performance or you may have suffered something of a personal nature which may have affected you during the exam.

If you feel that such an incident has occurred, you should firstly refer to the CIPS Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration policy. This is available on the CIPS website

Requests for special consideration must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable) to CIPS within 7 days of the exam and should provide details of the incident for consideration by the appropriate CIPS Board before the issue of exam results.

If illness prevents you from attending the exam, you may defer your enrolment. You should contact CIPS; and you will be required to provide a written explanation to CIPS within 7 days of the exam, supported by a medical certificate. The exam fee will be credited to your account for future use, but you must submit a new exam entry form for the series of your choice.

Guidance date of issue: October 2020

by CIPS Awarding Body

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