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How to attract and retain the best procurement talent

Written by: CIPS Procurement & Supply Jobs
Published on: 23 Dec 2019

In this time of political uncertainty in the UK, recruiting top talent has become a difficult task as we wait with bated breath for the outcome of Brexit.

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However, there are ways in which you can set yourself apart from the competition and achieve the best applicants to your roles. In this article, we explore techniques to help you amplify your employer brand to attract and then retain the best procurement talent.

Top tips on how you can attract and retain the best procurement talent

Utilise your social media and online channels

Long gone are the days of finding a job in the newspaper. The advent of online job boards and social media means that candidates have a multitude of sources from which they can find a new role. As such, this can become overwhelming, meaning only the best employers stand out from the noise.

However, it’s not just about finding where your audience is and spamming them with jobs. The key to success is keeping people connected to your employer brand through shared ideas, news and relevant content on social media and your website. Posting regular updates on what your company is doing and how it’s a great place to work, especially if you highlight what it’s like to work in your procurement team, will make your brand look more attractive and compelling to potential procurement candidates.

Building your employer brand will help you attract the right people for your company culture as well as the roles. Get in touch to discuss your hiring needs with CIPS Procurement & Supply Jobs here.

The candidate comes first

Throughout your recruitment process, you need to ensure that user experience is as friendly and succinct as possible to give candidates the best impression of you. Candidates rule the recruitment market, so it’s important you put them and their needs first.

As such, you need to reflect this in the job description by highlighting what you can do - not what you need - for them and in the interview process. If a candidate feels you are making the effort to meet their needs and make them feel special, they’ll be more likely to accept the job or recommend friends even if they’re unsuccessful.

Be flexible

According to a Center for American Progress survey, 75 percent of adult respondents said they’d like their workplaces to offer more flexibility in their working day. This infers that the majority of employees are looking for organisations that enable them to take control of their own work schedule, including choosing their start and end times and having the option to work from home or remotely.

The focus has shifted from rigid set working hours to a more malleable working day, which allows employees to fit their other commitments around their job. With a greater emphasis now being put on productivity and performance, employees feel valued and respected without sacrificing the company’s bottom line. Therefore, offering flexible working will make you more attractive to potential candidates and help retain your existing employees.

Offer rewards

Sometimes a simple “thank you” or “good job” can go a long way to keeping your staff happy and motivated to continue working hard. Recognition is important when it comes to staff satisfaction, and ultimately retention, because giving rewards where they are due is a great way to show that you care about and are engaged in your employees’ development.

This is also a great piece to share in your employer branding efforts. Lots of people would like to work for an organisation that rewards it staff for a job well done.

Give regular feedback

Following on from recognition is feedback. As you know, only offering praise is often a recipe for disaster. Giving regular useful, constructive feedback to employees alongside recognising their hard work will help them to develop and grow within your team.

Don’t leave it until the annual review, employees want to know how they’re doing and regular feedback gives them the opportunity to address any concerns and grow their strengths. Honest and thoughtful feedback helps people know where to improve and positive feedback motivates people to do even more.

Develop your team

Training has been known to improve staff satisfaction and retention as employees feel valued and as though you are investing in their future at the company. Plus, training will also greatly benefit the team and company as a whole as your trained employees bring their new skills and ideas back to their work and share with their colleagues.

Developing your procurement team will generate highly-qualified expert employees who are motivated to work hard and loyal to your organisation because of the opportunities you have given them. This also means they’re more likely to recommend you as an employer to their social circle.

Furthermore, certainly amongst younger generations, opportunities for training are very important when looking for a new job. Being an employer who invests in the training of your staff, will make you very attractive to future employees.

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Build your employer brand

Key to attracting the best procurement talent, building your employer brand is a great tool to improve your talent strategy. Especially as 94% of jobseekers would consider an employer’s brand before applying for a role.

Plus, there is significant evidence that retention is higher when an employee’s beliefs, values and attitudes align with a company’s, meaning that by promoting these externally you can ensure the right candidates apply and then stay in your organisation.

If you’re looking to recruit high-quality procurement and supply chain professionals into your organisation, find your ideal candidate with the official job board for CIPS, CIPS Procurement & Supply Jobs.

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