How to take your interviews online

Written by: CIPS Procurement & Supply Jobs
Published on: 2 Oct 2023

From video applications to online interviews, consider how to hire the best talent to drive business success in a hybrid or remote setting.

How to take your job interview online

While most procurement and supply chain management professionals will be out in the field, hiring managers and HR teams might still prefer to conduct interviews remotely. CIPS Procurement and Supply Jobs explores ways you can continue to effectively recruit the best candidates in procurement and supply via online interviewing techniques.

Video applications

Video applications allow you to screen candidates more effectively than simply viewing their CVs while saving you time and energy spent setting up a video conference. Candidates may also find it a positive user experience, as it allows them to add their personalities to the application process.

With a video application, you can set questions that a candidate must film their answers to. They give you the chance to find out more about them than what you can see on paper.  By bringing the candidates to ‘life’, they make it easier to decide whether someone is a good cultural fit and suitable for the role.

Video Interviews

Video conferencing is often used in the early stages of candidate screening, and, in many cases, the interview process has moved entirely online.

Video interviews are convenient for hiring managers and candidates alike, easy to set up, and to coordinate with various diaries and locations. Even if you are not working entirely remotely, conferencing tools such as Teams, Zoom and Google Meet offer you the opportunity to streamline your recruitment process and reduce your time to hire.

It’s much easier to find the time to jump on a conference call than to set up a face-to-face meeting. It also cuts out the time between interviews, meaning you can fit more into your day. They also help candidates feel engaged and valued while easily learning more about your organisation, ultimately making them more likely to remain in the candidate pool.

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