Shaping London’s green legacy through procurement excellence

Written by: Andrew Scattergood, CEO, The Royal Parks
Published on: 25 Oct 2023

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From collaborating on iconic events to cultivating positive partnerships, procurement plays an increasingly vital role at The Royal Parks. Find out about the team culture and outstanding career opportunities.

Andrew Scattergood

Andrew Scattergood, CEO, The Royal Parks

As the CEO of The Royal Parks, I take pride in leading an organisation in which procurement excellence plays a crucial role in achieving our ambitious goals. Working for a charity that cares for the most famous collection of urban parks in the world presents incredible procurement career opportunities like no other.

The eight royal parks we look after - Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James’s Park, The Green Park, The Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, Greenwich Park, Richmond Park and Bushy Park - and other exceptional public spaces in the city, including Grade 1 listed Brompton Cemetery in West London and Victoria Tower Gardens in the heart of Westminster - each have their own distinct character.

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Greenwich Park

Our role is to conserve and enhance these historic and exceptional landscapes for future generations to enjoy, while also welcoming millions of visitors every year.

Bringing our vision to life

Working for The Royal Parks provides many outstanding opportunities for qualified procurement professionals who have a genuine passion for delivering excellence. I truly believe we’re contributing to something significant here, with a massive opportunity to shape London’s green legacy.

Our aim in procurement is to go far beyond simply acquiring goods and services. We are currently building a new contract management and procurement team that will play a significant strategic role in supporting our dedication to excellence. Our diligent procurement business partners will work with and across many departments, including commercial; communications, marketing and engagement; corporate services; estates and projects; finance; legal and, of course, park operations. Their unwavering efforts will ensure that every procurement process demonstrates excellence, upholds our standards and provides value for money.

While each department contributes to protecting and enhancing the Royal Parks, procurement plays a crucial role in bringing our vision to life through key projects, iconic events and innovative partnerships.

Be at the forefront of driving initiatives

From detailed landscaping projects such as Greenwich Park Revealed to the maintenance of our historical monuments such as the Albert Memorial, and the setting up of our retail operation, we strive to implement cutting edge technology. And our procurement professionals will be at the forefront of driving these initiatives to success. They will collaborate closely with contractors, suppliers and stakeholders to maintain The Royal Parks’ reputation for excellence, sustainability and active community involvement.

At The Royal Parks, we embrace a range of procurement methods tailored to each project’s requirements. Whether it’s a three-quote process or a more intricate above-threshold procurement, our team of procurement business partners will need to use their extensive knowledge to deliver exceptional outcomes. We also plan to create customised frameworks and contracts that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of The Royal Parks, ensuring that all our dealings are transparent, fair and compliant.

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The Old Police House, Hyde Park

Our work goes beyond the boundaries of our parks; it touches the lives of the many millions of visitors to our parks each year, many of whom cherish these green spaces. By selecting the highest quality partners, suppliers and service providers, we will continue to guarantee the preservation of our natural heritage and historic buildings to improve visitor experiences and promote sustainable management of our facilities. Our enhanced procurement function will act as a guardian for our organisation’s values by upholding standards and fostering collaborations that benefit both our parks and the communities we serve.

Unleash your skills in a collaborative atmosphere

We understand that excellence is not achieved alone. We are building a team of professionals who not only have exceptional procurement skills, but also possess excellent interpersonal abilities. Collaboration, business partnership and a commitment to high ethical standards are deeply ingrained in our organisation’s values. As a member of our team, you will have an opportunity to interact with diverse stakeholders, build meaningful partnerships and influence decision making processes that directly impact the preservation and development of our parks.

To achieve our goals we need passionate, driven and talented individuals, who are ready to take on new challenges. As a fully qualified member of CIPS, with considerable post qualification experience, your valuable knowledge and insights will contribute to our success. From implementing robust compliance and effective procurement practices, to managing strategic supplier relationships, your role at The Royal Parks will enable you to make a significant difference within a dynamic and ever evolving environment.

Join our vibrant, diverse and distinctive work culture

Working at The Royal Parks is an experience. Our organisation is known for a positive work culture that promotes excellence, creativity, innovation, and personal growth. You will be part of a team collaborating with experts from various fields such as horticulture, heritage conservation, events management and many more.

Experience a journey of learning with passionate professionals and gain meaningful job satisfaction in contributing to the iconic landscapes of London. Joining The Royal Parks means becoming part of a story centred around resilience, conservation, sustainability and community engagement.

"Our teams work tirelessly to showcase this proud history, one that is waiting to be explored and safeguarded for generations to come. Working in procurement at The Royal Parks will mean becoming a thread in this tapestry by combining modern procurement practices with a deep sense of responsibility towards our nation’s treasures.”

- Andrew Scattergood, CEO, The Royal Parks

Where every decision contributes to our nation’s heritage legacy

The Royal Parks not only provides a unique working environment but also offers procurement professionals the chance to work with a level of gravitas and heritage that is unparalleled. As the custodians of a significant part of the Crown Estate, The Royal Parks is entrusted with managing Grade I listed parks, which include green spaces, sites of special scientific interest and magnificent Grade I listed buildings and landscapes. These historical landmarks have stood the test of time, with some dating back to the seventeenth century. Hyde Park, for example, has been open to the public since 1637.

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Italian gardens, Kensington Gardens

Just imagine being part of a team dedicated to preserving and enhancing these sites, where every decision made contributes to our nation’s heritage legacy.

Our teams work tirelessly to showcase this proud history, one that is waiting to be explored and safeguarded for generations to come. Working in procurement at The Royal Parks means becoming a thread in this tapestry by combining modern procurement practices with a deep sense of responsibility towards our nation’s treasures.

From collaborating in our major event planning and commercial enterprises, to shaping sustainable landscapes and cultivating positive partnerships, your expertise will leave a lasting impact on the future of our parks.


To gain an understanding of procurement at The Royal Parks, we encourage you to join us for an exclusive Open Day event on Thursday 23 November 2023, 2:00-3:30pm, in Hyde Park.

During this experience you'll get the chance to personally witness the activities that drive our success in procurement. Engage with our professionals, gain valuable industry knowledge and discover how your career can thrive within our vibrant, unique and high-profile organisation.

The opportunities within our parks are as varied as the landscapes they encompass. Join us on this journey and together we can shape the future of procurement, sustainability and community engagement within The Royal Parks.

To register to attend the Open Day, please contact by Sunday 19 November 2023.

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