Why is a CIPS qualification beneficial to your procurement job hunt?

Written by: CIPS Procurement & Supply Jobs
Published on: 1 Oct 2023

A qualification from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) will be greatly beneficial to your CV. As an internationally recognised qualification, it will place your application above others, highlighting your expertise and dedication to the profession. 

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But more than just making your CV stand out, a CIPS qualification can be helpful in other ways when looking for your next procurement job. Here we list the ways you can use it to your advantage.

How can a CIPS qualification boost your application?

Recruiters prefer CIPS members

In the latest CIPS Procurement Salary Guide and Insights, it was revealed that recruiters worldwide state a preference for MCIPS candidates. Therefore, a CIPS qualification is a decisive differentiator when it comes to applying for procurement jobs.

CIPS members benefit companies, making them highly desirable

Procurement is becoming an increasingly important part of business as more and more leaders are recognising its role in mitigating costs and discovering business opportunities. A CIPS qualifications affirms your ability to undertake these tasks.  

Furthermore, CIPS’ Measuring the Benefits report found that one of CIPS Corporate Award clients had increased efficiencies by 22% and training by 27% while reducing staff turnover by 45%. This makes CIPS membership a highly valued qualification, and could be your ticket to a higher salary and better benefits.  

It demonstrates certain skills and personal attributes

A CIPS qualification demonstrates your ability to understand and perform the responsibilities of a procurement and supply chain management professional. It proves that you have undergone the necessary training to complete your role to a high standard and a commitment to accuracy.  

It also shows your commitment to the profession. Whether you have completed the qualification out of your own pocket or through your employer, taking the time and effort to finish the qualification highlights a desire to succeed in your career.  

It sets you apart from other candidates

A CIPS qualification can set you apart from other candidates applying for the same role. With recruiters actively looking for CIPS members and the qualification labelling you as a dedicated, certified candidate, your CV will easily find its way to the top of the pile.  

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What CIPS qualifications are on offer?

Whether you want to study full time at college or university, or would prefer on-the-job training, there’s a pathway into procurement and supply chain management to suit you.  

CIPS offers several procurement and supply chain management qualifications that can get you on the right path to excel in your career whatever level you’re at. These include:  

You can also partake in shorter training sessions. Explore them here.  

If a professional qualification or training is not for you, you can learn about procurement and supply chain management through the CIPS Knowledge hub, which provides best practice insights, guidance and tools.  

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