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The Royal Parks – London's beautiful, natural and historic green spaces

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About Us

Working for The Royal Parks provides many outstanding opportunities for qualified procurement professionals who have a genuine passion for delivering excellence and would be inspired by the opportunity to shape London’s green legacy. 

Our organisation is known for a positive work culture that promotes excellence, creativity, innovation and personal growth. You will be part of a team collaborating with experts from various fields such as horticulture, heritage conservation, events management and more.

Our aim is for procurement to go far beyond simply acquiring goods and services. We are currently building a new contract management and procurement team that will play a significant strategic role in supporting our dedication to excellence. Our diligent procurement business partners will work with and across many departments, including commercial; communications, marketing and engagement; corporate services; estates and projects; finance; legal and, of course, park operations.

Joining The Royal Parks means becoming part of a story centered around resilience, conservation, sustainability and community engagement.

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