Magnox LTD

Magnox is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and is responsible for safely decommissioning 12 first-generation nuclear sites and operating one hydro-electric power station. 

While decommissioning is the current task at hand, Magnox is also working hard to future-proof the organisation by investing in its workforce, assets, communities, sites and surrounding landscapes to ensure it leaves a sustainable nuclear legacy.

With safety at the heart of all activities, Magnox continuously strives to prevent incident or harm to its people, plant and the environment. Frequent and thorough briefings and safety campaigns, such as Target Zero, ensure the workforce is well equipped to undertake work safely and to model safe behaviours. 

Magnox also strives to be a supportive and inclusive workplace, where protecting the mental health and wellbeing of its workforce is every bit as important as maintaining a strong safety record. Employee networks, mental health first aiders, a strong focus on wellbeing and a comprehensive equality, diversity and inclusion programme all work towards this goal.


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