Remote Exams

By choosing remote exams there is no need to travel, you will be able to sit your exams in the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer and a stable internet connection. 

WATCH the video, it demonstrates everything you will need to be exam-day-ready with TestReach as your remote invigilator. 

A remote CIPS invigilator will watch you through your webcam, this way you can be assured that our high quality and compliance standards are maintained.


    Technical requirements

    To sit your exam via remote invigilation you will need to meet the technical requirements outlined below:

    1. Mac 10.8+ or Windows 7+ operating system 

    2. Important note: Surface Pro/iPads/tablets/notebooks are not compatible with the testing software so you cannot take your exam on any of those devices

    3. Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM 

    4. A working webcammicrophone, and speaker system 

    5. Continuous internet speed of a minimum of 516 kbps

    We also recommend a comfortable-size computer screen of at least 11 inches to minimise fatigue.

    Can't meet the requirements? Speak to your employer, colleagues, or friends to see if you can borrow their equipment.

    Essential Reading

    Remote exams take place on the TestReach exam system. It’s essential that you read through the guidance  before your examination and can comply with all of the instructions.

    This will help you to fully understand what you will need to do to be ready to take your exam on time.


    What you must do now

    At least 5 days before your exam you should download the TestReach Candidate Application – instructions will be sent to the primary email address on your MyCIPS profile.

    Download and login to the app, check your setup and view your exam date and time in your local time zone, make sure it matches your Testreach exam booking confirmation email. Any discrepencies must be reported to CIPS prior to exam day. 

    IMPORTANT: All systems show in local time not UK time

    Check and confirm your exam in the TestReach application. 
    Check and confirm that your exam booking(s) in MyCIPS show in your local time and matches your Testreach exam booking confirmation email.
    Read all of CIPS Remote Exam Guidance and make sure you understand and can comply with all of the instructions.
    CIPS cannot provide any extra time adjustments for remote exams.
    If your equipment does not meet some or any of the technical requirements, please contact: by [DAT

    Read the guidance and make sure you understand and can comply with all of the instructions.

    Please note toilet breaks are not permitted for OR examinations. If you are sitting a CR examination you will be allowed one 5 minute break during your examination. For more information on reasonable adjustments please visit the policies and procedures page in the student zone. 

    Try out the tutorial  to familiarise yourself with the system, this will help you to feel calm and confident to login and get started on exam day

    If you are unsure about any of the system requirements for CIPS remote exams email: at least 5 days before your exams.

    On Exam Day

    You should be ready to set your computer up at least 30 minutes before the exam is due to start. Login, enter the exam and go through the system checks.
    15 minutes before the exam, the ‘connect’ option will activate and you will be able to click onto this to start the validation process.
    Have a clear desk space.

    Be ready to go through your system check-in with your CIPS invigilator. 

    Ultimately, it is your responsibility on exam day to make sure your invigilator can watch you throughout your exam.

    Technical Support

    TestReach password: Use the ‘forgotten password’ link on the TestReach website to reset yourpassword.

    Unable to access your TestReach account:

    Connection issue:  TestReach can restart exams where there are connectivity issues up to three times during the exam. For connection issues during your exam, please email: or phone: +442034758685

    Late to exam: You will not be able to enter your exam if you are more than 30 minutes late and your exam will need to be re-booked for the next series. Please rebook as per standard exam booking process.

    Candidate Rules and Regulations

    When booking a remote exam you signed up to the CIPS candidate regulations and CIPS remote exam guidance. Please read these documents and make sure you can comply with the regulations.

    You must be connected to your CIPS invigilator at all times during your exam.

    Do not access your exam in the TestReach computer-based exam platform until your CIPS invigilator is present.

    Reasonable adjustments:

    Candidates who require reasonable adjustments will need to apply as per the process - CIPS Reasonable Adjustments request.

    Please note toilet breaks are not permitted for OR examinations. If you are sitting a CR examination you will be allowed one 5 minute break during your examination. 

    Ultimately on exam day,  it is your responsibilty to make sure that you have checked in with your Invigilator before your exam begins and that you can be viewed at all times.

    Remote Exam Guidance

    Read the guidance information for taking your remote exam. It is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood this information and you can comply with all instructions.

    Download the guidance

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