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If you are a recent graduate of CIPS, you may now be wondering what your next steps should be. As a MCIPS, you are best placed to land your dream role with a leading employer.

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Two-thirds of employers reportedly prefer MCIPS candidates over those who have not received a qualification, which is an increase of 9% over the last two year. As a graduate of a CIPS standard, advanced or professional diploma, you are best placed to find your next job with highly influential organisations.

Why is now a great time to look for your next role?

1. Grab the attention of leading employers

MCIPS status offers you a vast array of opportunities with some of the leading employers in the profession. A CIPS whitepaper, Measuring the Benefits of how CIPS qualified members will add value to your organisation found that 61% of recruiters are prioritising MCIPS candidates over non-members, meaning that your qualification bumps your application up the pile. 

2. Increase your earning potential

CIPS membership will not only fast-track your CV to the hiring manager’s attention, it will also bulk out your pay packet. The CIPS report found that CIPS graduates earned, on average, 17% more over the last five years than those who have not achieved a qualification.

Plus, the importance of procurement to the business is beginning to be realised with a CIPS report discovering that salaries have increased by 5.1% compared to the national average of 2.2%.

3. Become an essential part of your team

Your CIPS membership proves that you have the knowledge and skills to excel in a procurement career, which makes you very attractive to your team as well as the company. In the team, you can pass on your learning to your colleagues, furthering the whole team in the process.

4. Make all the hard work worth it

Most of all, now is a great time to look for your next role because it gives you the chance to immediately reap the benefits of your hard work. Whilst some employers may be willing to consider a pay rise or additional benefits on completion of your qualification, the best place to find a better offer is by applying for a new role. Get that better job, higher salary and title that you deserve.

Therefore, as a CIPS member, you are in high demand with the potential to increase your salary whilst excelling in your role.

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What is Supply Management Jobs?

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Our goal is to put the right employer in touch with the right potential employee as efficiently as possible. So if you’re searching for your next role or looking ahead to build your team, Supply Management Jobs is here to support you.

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