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If you are looking for CIPS members to join your team, now is the best time to begin your search as the CIPS UK Graduation causes an influx of highly qualified talent into the market.

CIPS Graduation - employers
29 March 2019 will mark CIPS’ UK Graduation, where individuals who have completed their diplomas will collect their certificates. This means that there will be a flood of newly qualified CIPS members looking for a new role in the next couple of months. So if you are looking for MCIPS candidates, now is a key time of the year to start your search.

Why is it beneficial for you to hire a CIPS member?

1. Increase your bottom line

A CIPS whitepaper, Measuring the Benefits of how CIPS qualified members will add value to your organisation discovered that companies report up to $250 million in savings through CIPS training and qualifications. Therefore, hiring a highly trained individual or training your team through CIPS can increase your bottom line significantly.

2. Improve the working environment

The same report found that hiring CIPS members into your team could increase efficiencies by 22%, improve training by 27% and decrease staff turnover by up to 45%. A CIPS member in your team could greatly impact the whole company, not just their individual performance.

3. Advance the whole team

As well as improving the bottom line and work environment, the addition of a CIPS member to the team could help advance the team as a whole. The skills and experience of a CIPS member won’t be limited to their own work, they will also transfer some of that learning to their colleagues, making a stronger, more knowledgeable team.

4. Beat the competition

Two-thirds of employers reportedly prefer MCIPS candidates over those who have not received a qualification, which is an increase of 9% over the last two years. The CIPS report also found that 61% of recruiters are prioritising MCIPS candidates through the application process. Consequently, to stay ahead of the competition, hiring CIPS members is becoming increasingly important and necessary for the profession.

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