How can you use employer branding to future-proof your business

Employer branding is critical when it comes to the recruitment and retention of talent. With 94% of jobseekers taking it into account when applying for a job, it’s a key differentiator from competitors. But, what role can it play in future-proofing your business?

Employer brand

We explore why employer branding is important and how taking the time now will help your business to flourish further down the line.

Why is employer branding important?

Your employer brand is the perception of your company you want to present to potential jobseekers and your current workforce. It’s your company identity. That makes it a key aspect that you need to manage so your employer brand image is recognisable and notably you.

To attract the best talent for your sector, you will need to present a strong image that will appeal to these individuals. Therefore, having a clear strategy when it comes to talking about your organisation and how you promote your company values, culture and employee value proposition, is really key.

Company reputation is also a crucial piece of the puzzle with 70% of candidates saying they would be put off applying if a company had a bad reputation. Building a positive impression of your company can take years of positive employee reviews, brand content and communications, but can be undone in the blink of an eye. Take what has happened to Richard Branson recently, his lack of transparency and slow reaction to the Corona Virus pandemic has very quickly changed minds about him and his brands.

Furthermore, your employer brand plays a part not only in attracting new talent but also retaining your current workforce. Research has shown that employees are more likely to remain with an organisation if their beliefs, values and attitudes align. Therefore, it is important that when developing your employer brand it does accurately reflect your organisation.

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How will employer branding help future-proof your organisation?

As Corona Virus takes its toll, it may be difficult to step back and see the value of working on your employer brand right now. But, we’d argue that it’s even more important to turn your focus here than ever before.

Whilst many organisations will be centred on ensuring their businesses can weather the storm, they should also look to the future and put things in place to ensure the success of the business once normality returns. On that list should be employer branding.

During this time, you will need to be conscious of company reputation and the implications that actions taken now will have on the future of the business. If you can get ahead of that now, then you will be better placed to start hiring top talent and, more importantly, retaining your current staff once the pandemic is over.

Use this time to highlight how your organisation is taking the necessary steps to put the health and wellbeing of its staff first. Share the incredible work you’re doing, from how you’re supporting the community to ways in which you’re working remotely. Produce content on the success of your teams and how they’re continuing to uphold the company culture and its values.

There are a multitude of ways that you can use this time to your advantage and build a really clear picture of who you are and what you stand for. This will result in better candidates and greater staff retention once normality returns.

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