How to be productive whilst working from home

Remaining productive whilst working from home for long periods of time can be difficult. As the days begin to merge into one and you find yourself slipping into bad habits, it’s important to find your focus again. Here, we offer our top tips to stay productive whilst working from home.

Productive whilst working from home

Top tips to stay productive whilst working from home

1. Take regular breaks

This may seem counterintuitive if the goal is more productivity, but making sure you have regular breaks - at least 5-10 minutes every hour - has been proven to help regain focus and encourage greater creativity. Stepping away from your computer every now and then will make you work better.

2. Keep to a routine

In these uncertain times, keeping to a routine is integral. It will help you to stay motivated and add structure to your day. Without structure it will be very hard to maintain a productive work schedule making it harder to focus. A good idea is to keep set wake up and bed times, as well as a start and end time to your working day.

3. Plan your day

Don’t lose your to do list! Plan what you’re doing during the day so that you can stay on track with your projects and maintain the routine we mentioned in the previous point. Writing a well thought out to do list will ensure you are still completing your tasks at the same (or sometimes even quicker) rate as you would in the office. 

4. Embrace the quiet (if you can)

Working from home does have it’s benefits, primarily that you are less likely to be distracted by colleagues - provided you don’t have children. This can mean a more productive working day as you can concentrate on your work without being pulled into conversations or asked to do other projects. So, definitely embrace the quiet. Make your space the best work environment for you.

5. Set yourself some goals

Another great way to stay productive whilst working from home is to set yourself some goals. These might be based on your work goals, but might also be personal goals too. Having something to aim for will keep you motivated and engaged with your work. 

6. Stay connected

Keep in touch with your colleagues. It’s really important for our mental health to talk to other people, especially if you live alone. This will also help with your productivity. Feelings of malaise, anxiety and loneliness will be detrimental to your ability to work with concentration reduced and motivation lost. Talking to your colleagues (and friends and family) will help curb these feelings.

We hope these tips have been helpful and you can stay motivated and productive whilst working from home. At this time, it’s also important to look after our mental health and stay connected to our colleagues, following the above tips will go some way to do this. 

If you’re looking for further information on working from home, we’ll be posting regularly on our careers advice page with tips and tricks. Stay tuned for more advice and if you are looking for a new job, visit our jobsearch today.

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