How to market yourself through your procurement CV

Published on: 29 Jan 2018

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Laura Sullivan at TopCV, the largest CV-writing service in the world, shares her advice on how to ensure your procurement CV captures the attention of your dream employer.

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The new year is one of the best times to search for a new job. Not only are you likely to have set your sights on bigger and better goals to conquer over the year ahead, but businesses have too.

As a result, vacancies are abundant, and employers are on the lookout for top talent to join their organisations and help them achieve in 2018. Use our following tips to help market yourself through your procurement CV and show employers why you’re the one for the job.

Know your audience

The first step to marketing yourself through your procurement CV is getting to know your audience. For some of you, it will be top employers within the procurement industry, for others, it will be a smaller employer that needs a procurement manager, for example.

Your audiences can be varied, but they have something in common – they’re all on the hunt for a procurement professional that will bring real value to their team. As a result, you need to make sure you show that you fit the bill.

To do this, go through the job description and identify keywords, phrases, industry jargon, and acronyms and mirror them throughout your CV. You should pay particularly close attention to the essential criteria listed in the job spec and ensure they’re referenced clearly in your CV as that’s how recruiters will judge whether you’re a fit for the job.

Pinpoint your features and benefits

Another way to market yourself and show hiring managers you’re a top candidate is by adopting the ‘features and benefits’ sales technique, demonstrating your impressive abilities, how you can add value, and, ultimately, what the business has been missing out on all these years.

When you’re highlighting the benefits of hiring you on your CV, support every achievement with evidence. The simplest way to do this is by utilising numbers and statistics. For example, if you reduced sales spending, say by what percentage. If you managed a team, say how many were in it.

Adding numbers to your capabilities makes them quantifiable and more impressive. 

Format to perfection

The easiest way to market yourself via your procurement CV is by showing you’re a professional. And there’s no better way to showcase your professionalism than by submitting a clean and sophisticated CV.

The content of your CV should fit two pages comfortably to give it a completed look. If it’s slightly over or under, adjust the margins or font sizes to accommodate – but remember to keep the formatting consistent throughout.

Choose a couple of fonts, such as Calibri and Arial, to use for the headings and the body of your CV and keep them within the 10 to 14-point.

Also, proofread your CV thoroughly. Your proofreading abilities should be decent enough. After all, in this new role, you’ll have to send several accurate documents detailing products and figures. If words aren’t your forte, print your CV and read it aloud as you’ll be more likely to catch errors. Alternatively, invest in an intelligent spellchecker, like Grammarly, which will pick up more mistakes than your word processor.

Format your CV to perfection to show employers you’re the talent they need in 2018.

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