How to tailor your CV for a procurement manager role

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Laura Sullivan at TopCV, the largest CV-writing service in the world, shares her advice on how to ensure your procurement CV captures the attention of your dream employer.

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You’ve already established yourself within the procurement sector, but now you’re looking to move up in the world. 

To help you achieve the next step in your career, here’s how to tweak and tailor your CV for a manager-level job in procurement.

Expand your core competencies section

It’s essential to prioritise information on your CV so that the most important and relevant facts about your abilities are read first. 

Since you’re applying for a managerial position, and are likely to have several years of experience under your belt, expanding the ‘core competencies’ or ‘key skills’ section underneath your profile is wise. 

This section only needs to highlight your most desirable skills in relation to the job description you’re targeting. Providing a clear snapshot of your relevant abilities at the top of your CV gives the recruiter a reason to keep reading. 

If you’re unsure where to find these terms, review a few job postings that describe the position you want and look for skills that are repeatedly mentioned throughout the job listings. If you possess those skills, be sure to incorporate them into this section of your CV.

Pinpoint your managerial skills

Organisations require managers to provide structure to the workforce and help accomplish goals and objectives.

As a manager in procurement, not only could you be responsible for coordinating and leading employees, but also third-party suppliers and other external partners.  

But a manager is more than telling people what to do. The role also involves understanding core business competencies, such as the business organisation, the procurement market, and relevant technologies in the sector.

As a result, you will play a pivotal part in all processes as a manager.
To show you’re up to the task, pinpoint your managerial skills on your CV. Look at the job description for inspiration to determine what specific management skills the employer is looking for — planning, organising, leading, coordinating, and directing — so you can make these qualifications apparent on your CV.


Use powerful verbs and examples

Now that you’ve identified the skills you need to include, it’s time to make them shine on your procurement management CV.
When listing your abilities, start each point with a powerful verb to describe the actions you took. Not only will this make you look proactive and effective, but the short, snappy points will make the recruiter’s reading experience smoother too.

Try out some of these verbs: managed, optimised, increased, negotiated, supported, improved, resolved, and developed. Wherever possible, use these powerful action verbs to highlight your measurable success. Support each of your claims with some form of stat, fact, or number to show the employer your achievements. If you eliminated wasteful spending, reduced overall operating costs, or increased process efficiencies, for example, use action verbs to explain the value you’ve provided former employers.

This will highlight the value you can bring to the new role.

For example, ‘implemented a strategic sourcing strategy’ is good, but ‘implemented a strategic sourcing strategy that reduced annual manufacturing costs by 20%’ is better.

Skim down irrelevant roles

Industry standards state that your CV should fit two pages comfortably, but if you have a wealth of experience, this can be quite difficult to achieve.

If you’re struggling for space, reduce the amount of detail in older, unrelated roles to employment dates, job title, company and a line or two summarising the role. 

This will stop irrelevant details clouding the skills recruiters are trying to identify. It will also create more space, so you can expand on your most recent position of employment, enabling you to prove why you’re such a great catch for this procurement manager role.

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