Take the risk out of recruiting - guarantee your applications

Applications Assured is a premium recruitment advertising solution - it offers you the chance to guarantee your applications.

Applications Assured - Guarantee your results

In an increasingly competitive job market, we recognised the need of our clients to protect their investment. Our solution is Applications Assured - receive an agreed number of applications or clicks to your vacancy within the allotted time or we will give you a free 4-week job listing to use on any role within the next 12 months. 

What sets Applications Assured apart from other recruitment advertising solutions?

Our Applications Assured package is powered by a knowledge and understanding of the procurement and supply recruitment market. As the official job board of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), Supply Management Jobs have a wealth of experience and insight into the profession.

With a 100% success rate, we’re confident in being able to deliver on our promise, and even go above and beyond. Clarion Housing Group is one of our success stories receiving 52 applications to their procurement manager position in just over two weeks. Similarly, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development had 69 applications to their senior procurement specialist vacancy and Ofgem gained 66 applications for their procurement and contracts manager role.

Using advanced targeting and intelligent programmatic tools, we can ensure that your vacancy is served to the right people at the right time to generate the desired number of applications.

Guarantee your applications today

What are the new Applications Assured packages?

The correct targeting is integral to ensure that your job role not only receives applications, but applications from the right candidates. Therefore we offer three levels of Applications Assured, which depend upon the seniority of the candidates required:

Applications Assured - Buyer-level (£1000)

Applications Assured - Manager-level (£1500)

Applications Assured - Director-level (£2000)

Each package guarantees a minimum of 10 applications per vacancies and includes: 

  • Relevant, qualified CVs delivered straight to your recruiter account
  • Optimised advert including you logo, header banner and a tailored colour palette 
  • Bespoke targeted email expertly positioned to match the best candidates to your role
  • Tailored programmatic advertising campaign to target relevant jobseekers
  • Social media listing - promoted to our twitter followers

Guarantee your applications today

How are these packages going to greater help your recruitment efforts?

Applications Assured gives you the opportunity to protect your investment, safe in the knowledge that we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure your vacancy successfully attracts the right level candidates.

Take the risk out of recruitment and know that you will see results. Especially as our connection with CIPS means we have a larger proportion of highly-qualified candidates engaged with our brands. 

Applications Assured guarantees you the best return on your investment. Through our targeted efforts and managed recruitment marketing campaigns, we offer you an affordable solution that you can trust.

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