Everything ICT

Customer Contracts Manager

£25,000 to £30,000 per annum
10 Jun 2021
10 Jul 2021
Contract Type
Full Time
CIPS Membership
CIPS member, Non CIPS member

We need another Ollie

Let me tell you a story about Ollie. Two years after graduating with a degree in film studies, he’s working in a pub when he overheard us talking about needing some help with our marketing. He asked to be given a chance, but we didn’t take him seriously. He chased us for three weeks, asking us to give him a chance. In the end we gave in and did. We took him on for a three month trial.

He proved himself dedicated, trustworthy and reliable. Less than five years later, he’s running our £30m sales operation responsible for a growing team. He holds the key relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. He’s a vital contributor to our Management meetings and is a highly valued and respected member of the team. He’s been employee of the year three years running. He’s exceptional. We need another Ollie.

Everything ICT is a Department for Education recommended procurement framework for helping schools buy anything and everything related to Information and Communications Technology (ICT). COVID-19 has meant that schools are buying more ICT than ever, and it's important we help them get it right.

Because of our rapid growth we need another Ollie to help us grow our Education business and diversify into other parts of the Public Sector. The role will be a mixture of business development, administration, sales, marketing, design and internal consultancy. This time we're looking for an Ollie that is ideally CIPS trained (or in training) as part of our drive to up-skill our team in CIPS professional procurement.

Most of the time you’ll be working with customers and suppliers to take and process orders. Some of the orders will be small, but every single one is important. But don’t think it will be easy. Some of the contracts you’ll be responsible for are multi-million pound, multi-year, multi-site, multi-supplier deals. They are complex, pressurised and need to be properly managed.

We’re looking for someone with a few years’ work experience. Based in the UK, ideally you’ll live within easy commuting distance of Bedford just because that’s where Ollie and most of the rest of the team live. However, the pandemic has taught everyone how to work from home so location is flexible.

Your skills and attitudes are more important than where you live or where you’ve worked (see Ollie story above). These will include:

  • Self-motivation – You’ll be working from home. We don’t want to micromanage anyone. That’s not the way we work. Motivation is for amateurs. Professionals just get on with it.
  • Reliable – You do what you say you’re going to do. This is the single most important attribute in business. Never let yourself or your teammates down.
  • Hardworking – It’s not just about the hours, it’s also about the smarts. Henry Ford said “Thinking is the hardest work there is. That’s why so few people do it”. We want thinkers who do.
  • Flexible – Everyone is expected to chip in and do whatever’s necessary to get the job done, no matter how simple or menial the task. People only ever say “that’s not my job” once in this company.
  • Skills – You’ll know how to use Office tools, and be especially proficient in Excel. Ideally you’ll know how to use Adobe Creative Suite too. You’ll also know how to get the best out of social media.
  • Honesty – Things go wrong. That’s life. But you never lie, make excuses or blame others. You take full personal responsibility for yourself and your actions. If it’s your fault, you put it right. You don’t need to be asked or told.
  • Self-awareness – You understand the impact on others of the things that you say and do, positive and negative. You’re happy to take constructive criticism on board because you know that helps you improve.
  • Life-long learner – You want to educate yourself in new topics and skills because they interest you and you constantly want to improve. You don’t need to be pushed to learn. If you're not already CIPS qualitified, we will help you with that journey.
  • Humble – You have the confidence to be humble. While you’re proud of your achievements, you don’t need to shout about them. We don’t do egos.

As a Public Sector procurement framework, we’re never going to be able to pay you mega-bucks. The starting salary is £25k to £30k. What you will get is the support of a highly professional and motivated team. There will be lots of variety and interesting and challenging work, and there’ll be lots of different things going on at any one time (did we mention juggling skills?). You will learn a lot that will set you up for the rest of your career.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, we don’t need to tell you what to do next.

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