All about confidence: Rolfe spoke at a woman’s procurement conference.
All about confidence: Rolfe spoke at a woman’s procurement conference.

How to take control of your career

9 June 2017

Pauline Rolfe nominated herself for the CIPS SM Australasia young professional of the year 2016. She was turning 30, so it was her last chance to enter – and she won. “I remember thinking how lucky I was not waiting for anyone to nominate me, because I’d never be here.” 

It took confidence to enter, but the success has helped her career, she says, increasing visibility and credibility outside and in Accenture Australia, where she is procurement operations associate manager. “Winning an award means you care about your career, you’re willing to take risks and give things a go. People in the industry may see you as a future leader.”

 This is from somebody who had to be persuaded by her husband to even apply for her dream job at Accenture. “Since then, a major shift happened,” Rolfe says. “I no longer wait for anyone to tell me whether I can or can’t do things. You can’t leave your career in the hands of your husband or manager. It’s up to you to decide what your career will look like.”

It is not just a win that adds confidence – entering awards can help focus on your achievements. “I was able to clearly articulate my accomplishments and also why I am passionate about procurement.”

Rolfe was confident enough to talk at a women’s procurement conference. She feels a better role model for her daughters too, and wants to encourage more women into procurement. “It’s a great place,” she says. “The profession has a lot to do with soft skills, and women are generally good at developing trusted relationships.”

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