"The future of procurement is female," says Ria Goddard  ©Peter Spinney
"The future of procurement is female," says Ria Goddard ©Peter Spinney

This is who I am: Ria Goddard

CBRE's EMEA supplier programme manager on one lecturer's view

How I got into procurement…
I had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished university and was working in an administrative role in facilities management when I was offered the chance to study towards MCIPS. I was soon promoted to procurement manager.

How I got my current role…
I quickly learned that the part of my role I enjoyed the most, and was best at, was supplier engagement and relationship management. I got my current job when a role that revolved around this was created.

The future of procurement is....
…Female! I had a (male) lecturer when studying for MCIPS who offered our class this thought, and years later I firmly agree. Women naturally excel at collaborative, relationship-driven, sustainable sourcing: future proof procurement. A female procurement professional is less likely to exhibit the characteristics of outdated sourcing: silo mentality, antagonistic negotiating, pursuing of short term wins. Procurement is a field in which progress against gender disparity is being made every single year. It is a profession in which women excel and whose talents should be celebrated.

We can attract more talented women by...
As a community we should take steps to more actively promote the profession, and to make our network more visible to talented women leaving education or changing careers. Many are never aware of supply chain management as a career option. Recruitment at career fairs is dominated by finance, marketing, consulting… 

The best piece of advice I ever received…
“Be patient.” Unfortunately, I don’t always follow this advice, and usually regret it when I haven’t. Patience really is a virtue, and timing is an art.

The piece of advice I’d give to junior professionals…
Say yes to every learning opportunity. You might discover a real talent or passion in a field that you wouldn’t otherwise have considered. Everything you learn has value, even if it isn’t immediately obvious how you can use it.

My dream dinner party guests would be…
[Culinary guru] Ina Garten – she could come as a guest, but would have to do the cooking. Also my mum, and the entire film cast of Mamma Mia. Party!

Canary Wharf, London (Greater)
£33,119 - £37,209 pa
Canary Wharf, London (Greater)
£41,673 - £45,337 pa