Envisics' holographics help keep drivers' eyes on the road
Envisics' holographics help keep drivers' eyes on the road

From holographics to AI translators: a world of innovation

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A holographic dashboard that allows drivers to view directions, vehicle information and even points of interest without taking their eyes off the road is being developed by Envisics. The firm says the holographic projection is less distracting for drivers than using a car’s conventional instrument panel. It is in talks with car makers.

While it seems like everything is going digital, an indestructible notebook that won’t tear or fade, and can withstand water, has been created by start-up Nuka. The firm has also developed a never-ending pencil that allows you to wipe away notes and rewrite them instantly. In future, it will be possible to save notes to an accompanying app. 

South Korea 
Rescue zones are often hard to reach for emergency services, but plans for a walking car that can climb 5ft walls, straddle ditches and walk across debris have been revealed by Hyundai. The ‘Elevate’ vehicle will use its legs to navigate tough terrain while keeping passengers safe and level. 

As the e-commerce market continues to grow, robot dogs could be deployed to deliver packages right up to your doorstep. Automotive firm Continental partnered with robotics company ANYbotics to develop the robots that will be paired with a driverless, electric van to handle the last yards of the parcel delivery chain. 

An interactive wooden panel that lets you send and receive messages, check the news and weather and control temperatures is set to be the latest addition to smart homes. The device, developed by mui Labs was designed to blend seamlessly into homes, and is expected to be launched in September. 

A battery-free implant has been developed that uses power generated by stomach movements to subdue hunger and aid weight loss. During trials by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, rats with the tiny implant shed 38% of their body weight.

The first 3D printed rib has been implanted in a patient by cardiac surgeons at Tokuda Hospital in Sofia. 3D printing was chosen to create the rib as the technology guaranteed a perfect representation of the original shape, using flexible and durable polyamide. 

It will soon be possible to have fluent conversations in a range of languages using an AI in-ear translator from Timekettle technologies. Each person has a bluetooth and wifi-enabled earpiece that uses voice detection to translate speech almost simultaneously. 

Crunching the numbers


The amount of money set aside by nearly 30 members of the newly formed Alliance to End Plastic Waste, which aims to develop solutions to minimise and manage plastic waste over the next five years.

The number of public contracts awarded to UK social enterprises in the second quarter of 2018, marking the lowest point in two years. It had dropped by 28% from the previous quarter.

The percentage of materials that are currently re-used globally, according to campaign group Circle Economy. 92.8bn tonnes of materials, including minerals, fossil fuels, metals and biomass, enter the economy each year. 

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