The Northern Emirates Branch is engaging members across five states
The Northern Emirates Branch is engaging members across five states

How to engage your community

22 February 2019

Spread over five states, the CIPS Northern Emirates Branch had a challenge to bring together members to create an engaged and empowered community of like-minded professionals.

But since its launch in 2017, working towards the branch vision of enlighten, embrace and empower, the committee has arranged regular events and networking opportunities across every state.

Branch chair Harihan Laxminarayan has pulled together his team’s experiences on how best to bring the community together. Here are their tips for success:

Provide plenty of chances to make connections
Putting on an event every month saw attendance rise, and a wide spread throughout the diverse regions made sure everyone had the opportunity to take part. 

Include a variety of subjects
Staging events that cover a range of topics (Northern Emirates covered Women in procurement, mentoring and technology, among others) will ensure you attract the broadest mix of attendees.  

Use expertise from the group 
High-calibre industry speakers will bring people to your event, but asking members to share their best practice and experiences is also a great way to increase engagement. 

Inspire the next generation 
The team plans to make further connections, including running mentoring events with young professionals, and initiating seminars on procurement and supply chain for students at secondary schools and colleges. 

Be ambitious
With its bold mission to ‘enlighten, embrace and empower’, Northern Emirates Branch went from being “too conservative” to being vibrant and forward thinking, especially in the area of encouraging female professionals. CIPS MENA regional head Sam Achampong described the branch committee as “simply the best in the world”.

Look for further events at: CIPSNorthernEmirates

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