Summer read: a novel about procurement

26 July 2019

Set in the Californian offices of a fictitious corporation, Route 42 by Dr Richard Russill FCIPS is populated with characters based on the author’s experiences, and the story is told against a backdrop of real world events. 

“Procurement is not a mechanistic function but an intensely human commercial activity,” says Russill. “Procurement’s story needs to be told in a different way, by real life and real people.” 

Bob Tragheim, retired CPO and commercial director, has read it: “A novel about procurement sounds like Jack Reacher taking ballet lessons, or Shardlake being best buddies with Richard Rich, but it works.

 “The underlying storyline offers scenarios to explain elements of procurement best practice, techniques, and the art and science of buying. The professional procurer will be smiling to themselves saying ‘yes, I’ve been there, seen that’. 

“The stakeholder community may identify with the characters, and learn where sustainable value can be provided by employing the right people with the right skills at the right time. For those interested in the profession, it shows the type of process and people issues they’ll face and how they can be overcome.”

This position can be based at our headquarters in Dover or any one of our overseas offices.
Between £50,000 - £60,000 depending on experience
Megger Group
East London
East London Waste Authority
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